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Coppers attitudes to bikers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Nov 27, 2004.

  1. What are Coppers attitudes to Bikers? Are they treated as the same as cage drivers or are we treated specially ie. victimised or leniently?

    If you havent read my other thread my bike is no longer unroadworthy thanks to a smashed and obliterated right front indicator.

    What would happen if I take her for a spin locally to get a bit of riding practice? Am I likely to be given a warning or prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law?

    (It kinda sucks that I can't use hand signals because I think being able to brake with the front brakes may be beneficial).
  2. every groups has there arse's , police included.
    in most cases , i would guess that they would say , get it fixed up pronto , on your way.
    but if you were riding like a goose they would ping you too teach you a lesson and get you off the road for a little while.

    i have come across both , and i wouldnt want their job for quids, but i find 90% of policeman nice people .
    (red across , ventura rack for all the coppers next time i get pulled over) :LOL:
  3. I have been pulled over once by a cop in Perth whilst on my bike. Was pretty keen to get home after a LONG ride and opened it up a bit more than usual through Mundaring Weir Road on a Saturday (I should know better) :wink: Got clocked doing 115 in a 70. Signalled with my right arm that I was pulling over straight away, indicated and waited for them to turn around and talk to me. I was very polite, and apologetic. I asked the Senior Connie to be nice because it had been my first time. He dropped off 10 kms, which saved my licence from suspension. He said I'm by no means the fastest they had clocked along there, and he knows it's hard with a big bike to stay within the limit. The fact that your bike is unroadworthy, and you know that before you step over your steed, then I think you are taking a very big risk. I wouldn't do it. I agree with Groberts in the fact that if you don't ride like a goose, then you shouldn't attract attention to yourself. Good luck
  4. I got stopped by a Bike Cop on a random licence/rego/breath test today. Bloody champion he was, had a brief chat about his day and the stinkin hot weather then as I got back on the bike he said "take it easy up this next hill there's a camera up top" :D

    First time I've ever been pulled over while on the bike, so I can't comment any further...
  5. I've been pulled over a few times, only for RBTs and the like. Cops generally don't know what they're looking for with Bikes (as far as defects are concerned) and so long as you are polite to them, they normally return the favour.

    I used to ride around on my GSXR750 a few years back which was an ex-racebike. It had raceglass fairings, a single headlight, quite a loud exhaust system and no indicators. I also didn't have my full bike licence (was on my Ps). Never got pulled over cause I never rode like a clown in built up areas. One time myself and a few mates on 900s were riding along and followed by Cops for about 10ks, but they still didn't pull any of us over!!! Was a bit worrying at the time though.. :shock:

    It's up to you whether you want to risk it, but so long as you are riding on a business day you can say you are riding it to the Bike shop to get it fixed (provided you are not right out on some backroad far away from any Bike shop!!)
  6. dont break any laws and be polite and respectful if you do get pulled over and they wont have a problem

    also, dont have a loud exhaust :p
  7. But half the fun of riding is listening to the exhaust!!! :LOL:
  8. I've been stopped 3 times since I've been here in Aussie (now 13 years).
    First time was when I rode up on to the footpath for about 10 meters to get around a traffic gridlock. Cop was sitting at the lights watching me, and pulled me over a few blocks further on. He could have done me for turning right from the left-hand lane, riding on the pavement, and not having an Aussie licence (I'd just gone over the time allowed with an international licence before having to get the one for your state).
    He let me off with a warning, as most were technical aspects only, and told me to rock up to his station within a week with a NSW licence and he'd let it go. I did, and so did he!
    Second time was in Neutral Bay, Sydney. The police car followed me for a few km, and stopped me purely to check my ownership of the bike, as he thought my Shadow was a Harley, and they were checking for stolen Harleys....I thanked him for looking out for the 'good' bikers.
    Third occasion? Gold Coast during G.C. Bike Week a few years back. A large group of us were cruising, and three cars together pulled us over for exactly the same reason. Apparently there had been a spate of HD thefts in the region, so they were running spot checks on all cruisers. We all had a yarn - and a laugh, as out of the score or so cruisers and trikes in our group there wasn't a HD in sight!
    So - my personal Aussie experience so far? NO COMPLAINTS, and even a thanks or two.