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Copper story

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pringa8, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. I generally dont have a problem with the police, I think most of them are fairly decent, but like all professions, there are complete w@nkers also.

    This particular pair of w@nkers my mate encountered were doing random vehicle inspections and must have been trying to fill their quota. My mate has a 180SX so it's instantly a target. They got him for being too loud, perhaps because he does have an exhaust (not too loud though) but they also did him for being too low. The car has standard suspension with 18inch wheels, i've consistently bagged him out cause its' so high it looks ridiculous, calling it the Overlander Express. They pinged him on some other minor crap (the car is standard except for the exhaust and in good nik) and they made him hand his plates in and get the car towed!!! @rseholes!!!

    The more ridiculous part of the story is the bloke behind him in the line of 15 cars they had pulled over. He had a brand new FPV Falcon which they pinged him for being too low and too loud. "Mate, it's 2 weeks old, it's a brand new car!"
    "Nup, sorry, too low too loud". Wouldn't have a bar of it! Hello w@nkers, it's ADR compliant and has just come out of the factory! Still not good enough for these heros.

  2. I didn't think the police had any authority to do such a thing. I thought the most they could do was to make them go into QT for an inspection?
    Telling the bloke in the FPV it was too low and loud is funny as :LOL:

  3. mhm :furious:
  4. theres abit of an anti-hoon flavour at the moment. however people need to understand that not all car enthusists are hoons and thugs.
  5. They should be defecting "retards" in commodores!
  6. hey!! I also have a commodore :evil:
  7. Mate, If I was the bloke with the FPV, I'd tell the c**kheads to make the fine out to FORD Australia and the Dept of Transport.

    Friggin idiots
  8. Where was this at BTW??
  9. Sorry buddy jumped the gun a bit there :( been a long day

    Nothing against you!
  10. Is your mate challenging it? I know that cops can do that kinda stuff, but jeez, that's harsh. I assume that they had proper measuring equipment, both for height & decibels..? (though you never know..)
  11. Dont know? He might be stuffed on the volume but the height is just ridiculous! I know if he ran it over the pits he would have a problem with height. He's running standard suspension with bigger wheels so it would be higher than standard!

    The FPV is just a joke though!!!
  12. That's not how it works. The police just have to suspect it is "too low" or "too loud" and they then pass it on to the appropriate authorities.

    If they suspect the car is too low, the cops aren't expected to be mechanics so they can refer the matter to either RTA/Vicroads or a mechanic.

    For a minor shitty matter (ie. empty washer fluid bottle) you just have to present it to the cop shop fixed and sign a stat dec saying it's been fixed.

    For a matter where cops don't know are aren't expected to know, they can request a RWC. Often that's the only way to get rid of a defect notice.

    They can also require it go through the pits at the RTA/Vicroads (million times worse than a RWC) or even request an engineering certificate (only if they see a turbo or something).

    A cop can pretty easily defect a standard car and it's your responsiblity to prove it's roadworthy, not the cops.

    Sucks for modified car owners (such as myself), but hey, that's life..
  13. Class action with all the guys that got pinged - I'd take it to court, then invoice the police for all costs involved. Damn, its the few wankers that sully the names of the reasonable ones.
  14. Go and measure this 180sx from ground to centrew of headlight, come back and tell me the height??
  15. tweet, because you have relevant knowledge/experience in the police force - do cops have a quota? for fines etc.?
  16. I've got a few friends in the job and it's not an explicit quota. But if they go out on a shift and come back with no tickets, it looks bad.

    Often to make up for a quiet shift, they'll go out in an unmarked car to get some more tickets.

    Also, the good thing about cops making you go to someone who knows is reduced fines (possibly). The ticket for a loud exhaust is about $300-400, but only cops with authorised dB testers (usually Hwy Ptrl), Vicroads cars or EPA can issue the actual fine.

    Most cops will just make you front up to the EPA within a few weeks, rather than issue the ticket. If the EPA come up too loud, you'll get raped.

    The good thing is that you have a few weeks to change back to stock before the EPA test you.
  17. NSW Police do NOT have a quota to fill.
  18. Dunno about the Eastern States, but over here, when I worked for The Department, some of my colleagues spent an awful lot of time getting frivolous and ridiculous "Defect Notices" cancelled for people.

    Worth challenging, although your RTA may take a less sympathetic approach than the guys here in the West. And the DN does have to be demonstrably ridiculous or you'll be disappointed.
  19. if that happened to me, id be making enquires to get in touch with their superiors on the spot. i wonder if they were from the latest batch out of the acadamy. thanks again morris, even God was suprised when you were reelected....
  20. Moving this to off topic as there is no mention of bikes.