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Copper on Dirtbike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ree, May 13, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    not exactly sure where to post this, so apologies if I have posted this in the wrong area.

    Noticed this week between 7-8.30am a motorcycle copper patrolling the Eastern Fwy and Alexandra Parade, city bound, on a dirt bike. He has scored himself a couple of early morning brownie points.

    keep any eye out peeps.

  2. marked, im guessing?

    seen a couple of em patrolling bike paths like this, getting kids on dirtbikes, and cyclists without helmets, stuff like that. yet to see them on the freeway lol. cheers for the heads up :)

  3. Good to see they are keeping he real criminals off the streets...
  4. They have had a Dirtbike Squad for many years. They can all ride very well too. Don't mess with them.

  5. i can vouch for that.. last time i went dirt bike riding in gembrook... saw them at the top of a hill quite a distance away, and in no time they were already on our tail...
  6. I've seen them patrolling at a few festivals I've been to.
  7. good on them, crack down on those stupid little bikes. im not talking about dirtbike riders off the road, before anyone gets up at arms. if you want to ride a dirtbike, do what the rest of us do and get a licence.... then ride illegally :p
  8. The police have had a trail bike divison since the days of the Honda XL500's - early 80's....... They currently ride the latest model KTM's in the bush, parks, search and rescue, etc..... Many a younger year being chased by them on my little 80cc 2-stroke....... :LOL: :LOL:

    What a great job it would be :cool: :)
  9. Yep, seen em in wollongong on DRZ400's road/trails.. Wearing tights :LOL:
  10. ...and in Toowoomba on an overloaded TTR. :LOL: No chance.
  11. Interesting.....

    NSW - DR400's
    QLD - TTR250s???

    VIC - KTM :cool:
  12. Catching crooks is not the only job the police perform. I think they also have an interest in policing road rules too. The cops on bikes are traffic cops so focus on traffic. Detectives focus on crime. Search and rescue - well the name says it. Bomb squad - again the name says it. The list goes on and on. I don't think you will find a detective assisting at a collision or giving a ticket for using a mobile phone, as I would think it was a waste of resources if the bomb squad were doing traffic direction.
  13. I don't know about the collision but I have seen a plain clothes cop flash his badge at somone on a mobile phone at the traffic lights and pull them over.

    I've also heard of detectives pulling over people for running a red light.
  14. There are exceptions to every rule. One of the biggest drug busts in this state was due to a standard traffic stop and the traffic cop smelt a rat with the evasive answers he got from the driver. My comments were made in response to a flippant remark that is made all too often. The point being is that there is more that police do rather than catch crooks. So much so that as you yourself has pointed out - detectives will deal with traffic, rare as it may seem.
  15. All seems pretty straight forward. But who investigates the trade in stolen copper?

    Traffic Coppers??
  16. I would hope any form of police would pull up a vehicle that ran a red light (unless they are on covert surveillance or something)

    See the KTM's a few times on the eastern and along alexander pde.
  17. saw him filtering, and not chasing any one in particular
  18. VicPol dirt are using all sorts, DRZ's - yellow, with police markings, KTM's, orange :) with a bunch in Geelong i have seen all banged up, one of them race's a Yamaha WR of sorts, there is a rumor of some of the BMW X's being used..
    and +1 to being good riders..
  19. There was one on the esatern this arvo riding a kato.

    Just rode past him and continued as usual he didn't seem too interested.
  20. Saw this one outside Box Hill hospital


    well I suppose this is a fringe benifit to being on the force.