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Coppa's in Sport bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dirrin, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Hi all got a kinda funny story to tell and just wondering if anyone else has seen anything like this:

    I was sitting at the lights (in my car) and an R33 Skyline pulls up next to be and then across from him a sport bike pulls up (black CBR not sure what size but) the skyline starts revin his car and i am thinkin man he is goin to get hosed lights go green and they take off like bats out of hell and the bike of course smokes it get to about the speed limit (80) and backs off where as the skyline keeps the footdown and flys off 10 min later i see the skyline pulles over with the black cbr behind it with its police lights turned on they were tiny sitting just above the brake light this is the 1st time i have ever seen a sport police bike are there many around i've never heard of them b4 ???

  2. heard wind of a few of them, i've only seen 1, (don't know where you're from but in melbourne i mean)....... no such thing as entrapment here i don't think hehehe. my mate in a skyline also,, has had an unmarked police car rev the engine next to him etc etc to entice him to drag. so he did. and got a fine.
  3. i just read in amcn. its cbr 1000 xx. has police spray on sides
  4. I seen a cop on a sports bike maybe 6+ months ago going over the Westgate bridge dressed from head to toe in dark navy blue or black leather (was kind of darkish and hard to tell).
    Have no idea what kind of bike it was cos i was too busy trying to work out what the small round badge was on his shoulder, but the bike was black in colour thats for sure.
    Got close enough to work out what the badge was and thought to myself you sneaky bastards. :LOL:

  5. I just hope they can ride better than they can drive :roll:
  6. Hmmmm, that is sneaky. You poor Victorians, cant believe what you guys put up with. :wink: You gotta wonder though with all these reports of people being hijacked by people imitating police, I don,t think I'd be stopping for a black bike with no markings whatsever.
  7. A friendly policeman I see a lot told me the Victoria Police have unmarked Kawasaki ZX's that go down to Phillip Island when the Grand Prix is on. Maybe he was talking about these CBRs?
  8. Any Gino who thinks he can blow off a sports bike deserves to loose a few points. :grin:
  9. Is 'entrapment' a usable defense in Australia?

    He should be charged with stupidity for thinking his ricer could blow a bike away :roll:
  10. No.

    A magistrate can decide evidence obtained by police breaking the law themselves as inadmissable in court, but only if they feel the police breaking whatever law they did is to be deterred more than whatever they are using that evidence to bust you for.

    Likewise, the police can break the law to obtain evidence against you [and while they may still be reprimanded for this] it doesn't mean you'll necessarily get out of trouble.

    Welcome to Australia. Please don't drag race the police cars.
  11. The Police State.
  12. Well I haven't seen one, but if they do have police spray on sides then the tool in the Skyline deserved it :twisted:

    Don't know of any undercover cars/bikes that have police signage on it :eek: kind of makes it hard to go "under cover" with "hey I'm Police" on the side of it... :?
  13. Anyone seen a copper on a scooter yet?
  14. I got one up the road who's on a nice new KTM quite often, wasn't long ago it was still XRs.
  15. 'Coppers on sportsbikes' :p
  16. I've seen heaps of police on scooters in Manhattan in New York. They were normal scooters with the windscreen that extended all the way to the back of the bike so it formed like a bubble.
  17. We've got a few riding around on unmarked dark blue BMW's down here(Adelaide), just a small badge on their leathers saying police, may not be able to keep up with a 1000 sports bike but then again they only need to keep up long enough to get ya rego :grin:

  18. I saw four Police BMW or Yamahas (all teh new tourers look teh same going past at 100 km/h) turning out of the Sutton Rd driver trainig complex here a couple of weeks ago, nothing unusual about that you say....but there was some sort of big metallic red sportsbike in the middle of the five, and the rider had a black leather jacket on, and dark blue polyester pants.....

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. I saw at the airshow on sunday two police on KTM 550's. It's not likely you will get away on the dirt or the road with those behind you.
  20. ok i was discussin it with my GF dad last night and he said he was one (black CBR) pull up another motorbike for dangorus lane splitting he thinks as the guy came flying past him at 60+ in stop traffic he said that it had no police markings but had a thin LED police light on the back above the tail light. just wondering if it was any one here who got pulled over by him Yellow bike, yellow leathers, P plater, in forest hill easter suburbs ???