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cop watch

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by BlueRex, May 8, 2007.

  1. Just a heads up. There has been a motorbike cop on the westgate freeway just after the Bolte Bridge in bound for the past two mornings. He was sitting on the side of the road and had grabbed a bike rider for riding down the emergency lane.

  2. ah, that's a bugger...

    i had a motorcycle cop sitting behind and to the left of me, right in my blind spot... was highly annoying as i couldn't speed up to get rid of him, nor did slowing down work as he'd just stay there... No idea what he hoped to achieve by doing that
  3. I guess you could always pull over and wait 5 minutes ïŠ and IF he pulls over with you ginji....you know he thinks you smell funny... :cool:
  4. or he likes the way your arse looks....
  5. lol, he was probably close enough to smell it... didn't want to pull over as i was already running late to get to uni and he was in my way anyway... i probably would have clipped him pulling over and taken us both out and then copped the tickets for it too :?
  6. Don't worry a (off duty) cop had the audacity to follow me and sit next to me at my missus' work fuction the other night. :LOL:

    (he actually was a good bloke) :p
  7. Then you shouldve had the audacity to tell him how you felt using oink noises. wink3.
  8. :LOL: wang chung.

    Havent come across that one before.
  9. Yep, could be the cop off 'Wild Hogs' :LOL: :oops:
  10. Saw a semi get pulled over by mc police after Westgate bridge into Williamstown Rd.
    Looks very odd that something so small can bring something so large to a halt.
  11. saw a group of 10 cops on bikes outbound on the Monash this morning. They were riding double file in the outside lane.
  12. Sounds like the right size for the next group of cops getting there solo licence to me....
  13. I saw the cop monday morning - when the traffic was horrendous (that stupid sign saying they were closing one lane - when they actually didnt) and lane split past where he was - he didnt bat an eyelid...but to be honest he was standing by his bike looking at the traffic - and I was in the second lane away from him..if he'd wanted to book me, woulda taken him too much time to put his gear on - and where i was bloked my rego....

    Love it when things like that happen :grin:

    Did anyone else notice how light the traffic was on the westgate this morning....????
  14. COPS

  15. Re: COPS

    Thanks for that very insightful contribution. :roll:

    Coppers certainly don't like you using emergency lanes - so I can't say I'm surprised or particularly annoyed about this bit of news. They are 'emergency' lanes for a reason. :p
  16. Re: COPS

    That takes care of the male general public, what abt us girls... Do you reckon they'd be up for a little... :oops: neva mind
  17. I was following a flash little silver sporty type car on the Sth gippy hwy this afternoon - they were sitting on about 115/120kph.

    Noticed a brown 4wd pulled over on the side of the rd ahead and slowed down a bit....sporty car didn't.

    DONE! Speed camera.

    A bit futher down the hwy I'd caught up to the car again...and we're coming towards the large corner at the top of a hill...at the bottom of which is the water tank place.

    I've seen cops sitting near the tank place before, so I slow down to go through the corner...sporty car doesn't.

    DONE! Another speed camera!!! :LOL:

    And then just out of Bass..in a line of traffic...sporty car driver pulls out to overtake a truck when there's not enough time to - oncoming car flashing it's lights...lady driver applauding...truck driver braking to let the car find safety in front of them.

    Sporty car driver did not have a good run to the Island tonight. :LOL: I overtook them after turning off at the Anderson roundabout...gave her a big smile (not that she'd have seen it through my tinted visor) as I passed. haha.

    So yeah - watch for the cops near Caldermeade farm and that big corner at the top of the hill near the tank place.... :? I think it's the tank place... :? :oops: lotta use I am! :LOL: Two of their fav. spots.
  18. :oops: :oops: That's where I got done going "a little" too quick. :oops: I have been through there that often I really should have known better.. :facepalm:

    Still, he was nice enough to halve the amount I was going over by, so I kept my license (just). :wink:
  19. Anyone go on the Eastern Fwy tonight?

    We saw no less than 5 unmarked black Commodores hiding. They were
    on both sides of the fwy.
  20. Re: COPS

    Your place or mine? :wink: