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Cop turns into path of oncoming motorcycle during chase

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Deadsy, Dec 10, 2007.

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  1. #1 Deadsy, Dec 10, 2007
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  2. OUCH!

    Police would get an arse kicking if that happened here, if intent could be proven, possibly face charges.
  3. wow

    need i say less.

    Americans are #%!%%#$%

    Thats insane
  4. :shock:

    did the rider survive? looked like the cop was grabbing them by the helmet and moving it around :?
  5. They both survived, pillion received serious head injuries.
    It's hard to tell. At first it looked to me like he was moving the helmet around but he could have taken it off, it looks like he undoes the strap. Either way it's the icing on the cake isn't it? Jumping out of the car shouting "yeah! yeah! *something* bitchin!" (that's what it sound like to me, I'm happy to be corrected") and then messing around with the rider's helmet.

    Edit: I was mistaken, he is actually saying "What were you thinking?" to the officer who turned in front of the bike, which obviously is completely different to what I thought he said.
  6. Horrifying stuff to do that.
  7. they were chasing the bike? yes?
    bike should have pulled over in the first place, removing all risk, if that was the case IMO.
    we cant always have it our way :!:
    still sux though....
  8. Of course they should have pulled over. I just don't agree with the actions of the police officers. They don't drive into the paths of cars they are chasing, so why should they do this to a motorcycle knowing the dangers involved? They may as well start shooting at anyone that decides to run if it's perfectly ok to turn into the path of a speeding motorcycle. People run for incredibly stupid reasons.

    And it still doesn't change the fact that the officer who started the chase claims the bike ran a red light yet at the point in the video where he initiates the chase I can't see anything wrong being done (happy to be corrected). Also the officer who turned into the bike's path claims he did everything he could to avoid it even though the footage shows him turning into the bike as it is approaching and trying to go around him.
  9. i know, and understand the wrong-doings buy the po po. i am not their biggest fan at the best of times.
    be a bad crunt, by doing a runnner....bad things happen to bad crunts. by that theory, the walloper will get his too...
  10. If he was willing to pull that same move in front of an SUV doing the same speed I'd give him some credit. As it is, it's a gutless case of attempted murder.
  11. Thats terrible. :evil:
  12. wow that 2nd video
  13. Insert John Bunnel Voice Over:

    "This suspected two-wheel felon got more than he bargained for when he took off and took on the police. He's going to jail, just as soon as he gets out of hopsital"
  14. Yeah the cop made a bad call, but when you are evading arrest at 100+ kmh, what do you expect, that you come out smelling roses? Sorry, but this time the dipshit on the bike got what he deserved.
  15. Just what did the biker do that warranted a head on as an appropriate police response???

    For the biker not to pull over with police lights blazing behind, something was up... still...

    My guess is, since it's the U.S., lawsuits are gonna fly!!
  16. I didn't say the head on was appropriate. Didn't even suggest it. What I did say is that if you ride like a c**khead, run from the police, and think you are going to get away with it, you could be in for a world of hurt.

    I was on the other end of a high speed chase through the Adelaide hills a month or two back. It has vastly changed my personal opinions on this matter, as I was nearly hit head on by a pursuing police car, that was overtaking a 4WD around a corner. If people don't run, then innocent members of the public won't be tangled up in the mess that ensues. If you do run, putting the lives of others at risk, then I believe you deserve whatever happens to you next.
  17. By having a police officer pull across in front of you, knowing full well what would happen? What a load of crap. If this had happened on foot it would be the same as the cop pulling a gun and shooting the guy.

    And I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but in the first video (the one with audio) when the copper pulls up and opens the door you can quite clearly hear one of them say "That was bitchin'!". fcuking brilliant.
  18. "330 I hit im..."
    "oh god... what were you thinking?!"
  19. The audio was along the lines of "God damn it, what were you thinking"
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