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Cop this s%^&- lets advertise at the expense of safety

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gegvasco, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. http://www.smh.com.au/news/national...ere-the-ads-are/2007/02/07/1170524164267.html
    One of the local councils involved was contacted by an MCC delegate in regards to the slipperiness of the ads. Their response was that they are making it as non-slip as possible but there is a risk which they are willing to accept. Well gee thanks for accepting that risk for us. Maybe if we have an accident on these unnecessary painted sections in the middle of the road I should come down the council chambers and break YOUR arm in 3 places!

    These assholes have no problem raising more revenue for bloated and inefficient local councils at the expense of increasing the risk to 10% of the motoring public. There ought to be a law against this and the RTA should be sacked for not immediately putting a stop to it. Being against it is nowhere near the same as coming out straight away and saying NO! Needless to say the MCC is investigating.

  2. :shock: They must be fcuken kidding :shock:
  3. Wow. Just wow.

    Idea for stunters : Do burnouts on them ads :)
  4. Road advertising is just so wrong on so many levels :mad:. If there is a rider hurt or killed as a result of this I hope the dumb f^&ks responsible for the idea are held accountable.
  5. The must be bl00dy joking :shock: :evil:
  6. All this revenue is gonna disappear the moment someone, biker or cager, no matter how easy they're taking it, hits the ads in the rain and spins out/aquaplanes/skids/generally crashes.
  7. This really calls for a spot of nocturnal sandblasting.
  8. ...and sues...

    If I see one of these and there's no-one around, I'll do a burnout on them... until I find out which acid/solvent removes them.

    Stoopid prix.
  9. E-mail them, can some one come up with a good form letter???? some thing like ' your a pack of money grubbing dick heads who need to engage your brain once in a while' but sort of with more finess than that LOL

    Boorowa Council council@boorowa.nsw.gov.au

    Bombala Council council@bombala.nsw.gov.au
  10. Dear ______ Council,

    With regard to your recent proposal to utilise roadways as points of advertising, I must express my opposition to such action, for the following reasons:

    1) Such advertising will be a distraction to motorists, resulting in accidents in an era where we have already banned talking on mobile phones as an excessive distraction from safe driving.

    2) Installation and maintenance of such advertising will result in traffic congestion, creating excess pollution of both chemical and noise for local [rate-paying] residents.

    3) Painted markings on roads make for a smooth surface over-extending stopping-distance and presenting a danger for motorists [particularly motorcyclists] with such a slippery surface, opening the council/advertiser to liability for collisions.

    4) Advertising on roadways should result in the subsidising of registration fees/tolls for the use of such roads by residents. Any alternate allocation of funds would be seen as revenue raising without benefit to the community and result in appropriate opposition to current powers at the next election.

    I wish for this to be registered as a letter of complaint and opposition against the proposed advertising on roadways, as a reflection of community standards.

    It is unsafe and undesired for the reasons outlined above.

    I respectfully request that you do not allow such advertising.

    Best Regards,

    Concerned Citizen.

    Slightly different from your paraphrased proposal, I guess, Woodsy :)
  11. :mad: :mad: :mad:

    As if there isn't enough crap on the roads as it is!!

    Lets face facts:

    Some cages have enough trouble driving without any distraction, however to be placing a plathora of shaped poo on roads is incredulous!

  12. Nice one Ktulu. This advertising bull$h!t shouldn't even be considered.
  13. Who the hell would come up with such an idea, bloody ridiculous!
  14. Burnout-style vigilante justice FTW!
  15. Well, I have to agree this is one of the dumbest ideas I have heard of in a while.

    For the lawyers out there though, would the council even have the legal right to use Public Roads as real estate for advertising? I mean, they don't own the roads do they, even if they are responsible for building and maintaining them?

    The logical extension of "one ad every 100m" placed by, say, company A for Coca Cola is that company B puts a Pepsi ad next to it, company C puts a Fosters ad next to it, and soon the whole road is covered in ads. Who would be deciding appropriate or inappropriate locations for ads, and on what basis?

    Dumb, really dumb.
  16. Insanity rules. Bugger the sandblasting, burn the crap off.
  17. This screams accident waiting to happen.

    Hopefully the idea wont catch on down here in mexico.

    I couldn't see the state government allowign this sort of advertising given that the local council dont own the roads???
  18. i agree. we should all carry a small length of tube. when you come across one of the ads. pull over, syphon a bit of fuel out and then set it alight. job done!
  19. Thats such horse crap. Once again they fail to take into the account 2 wheeled motorists in their plans. I'll be writing in about this.
  20. I did a Google on RoadAds and it seems that they have been trying to present to dozens of councils over the last 12 months and are selling them the merits of On-Road Advertising.

    Most councils, such as Canterbury, rejected the idea because the RTA does not recommend it but obviously some other councils are just focused on the advertising revenue and are ignoring the RTA's recommendations. Won't be long before it happens unless the RTA stamp on it immediately.