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Cop sends me into the fwy emergency lane

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by citymorgue2, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. yesterday on the way home on an unnanmed fwy in Melbourne (just in case the cop reads NR) travelling along in the right most lane at about 105kph, car in front of me, car to left of me, an unmarked cop car came up behind me, flashed his lights and sirens so I try and figure out if he wants me to pull over, no indication of any sort other than another blast of the siren.

    So I only have one place to go and thats into the emergency lane (which is full of debris). As soon as I pull into the lane the cop flys past. He had no interest in me what so ever!

    Now am I wrong in thinking the prick should have just gone around me (in the e lane) rather than making me go into it. he's got 4 wheels and can afford a blow out I cant!.

    I dont thinkm im being unreasonable. Ive had cops go past me in the elane before whilst im in a car, why not when im on a bike.
  2. You dont have to get out of a cop cars way if its not safe to do so.
    You didnt have to go into the E lane. You could have just waited till there was enough room to go into the right lane.
    You should never ever ever pull over in the Elane anyway. Even if a cop is behind you.
    You should merge left until you can pull over, even getting off the free way if there is no where safe to stop. You wont get introuble for pulling over after a few K's.

  3. Dude, you're on a motorbike. You can go wherever you want.
  4. As you were being asked to clear the way you could have slowed and pulled in behind the car in the left lane.
    Emergency vehicles must use the right lane if at all possible and you were blocking it.
    You chose the E lane and that was ok by them but it wasn't your only choice.

    And believe me, cops do scan NR!
  5. Who told you that?

    In order to try and avoid confusing heavy traffic emergency service vehicles will try and stick to one lane otherwise traffic kaos ensues.

    As stated already, all you needed to do was move to the left lane when safe to do so.
  6. The fact that a driver is required to move left if at all possible (there are exceptions) suggests the EV has right lane priority.

    EDIT: My original reply should have been "will use RH lane" not "must".
  7. [​IMG]
  8. as i said I would have moved to the left but there wasnt an opportunity and he kept giving the siren a work out. I assume the other cars thouht he was pulling me over and that I should move into the right elane. Ive done a diagram below of the situation.


    my point is that he was pulling me over then whether i go inot the right of left elane is irrelevant. both are usuable. but he wasnt puylling me over and oculd have gone around since I had no place to go. Plus he had the same issue with the car infront except the car in front could at least go faster then pull into the left lane.

    anyways thanks for your responses.[/img]
  9. No, not at all....they can use whichever lane they choose. The onus is on the road user to get out of the way of emergency vehicles displaying red and/or blue flashing lights, lane usage does not factor in.
  10. Dude, you need to learn how to save images as a jpeg, that was about 1mb in size!

    Seriously, you should have just indicated left and pushed your way across, very easy to do. If they followed you then you are getting pulled over, otherwise they will just blow past..... happens on the Monash all the time.

    Something to think about next time anyway. Just remember, if you've done nothing wrong, stand your ground and take action when YOU feel that you will not be putting yourself in harms way.
  11. didnt bother to look at size. didnt think it would be anywhere near that big.

    yeah thanks will do what i feel is safe to do next time. cheers fellas.
  12. Maybe he was clearing people just sitting in the right hand lane? :wink:
  13. I had flashing lights come behind me one evening, so i proceeded to indicate and pull over into the right hand emergency lane, only to find that the car then moved with me and tried to accellerate up my arse. Then they swerved quickly onto the freeway again and passed on my left, turns out it was an ambo wagon thingy...

    Emergency lane, emergency vehicles... ;)

    (I do understand they'd rather not screem down there incase someone is broken down waiting on a tow)
  14. You did fine.

    Emergency vehicles with light and sirens going means "get the fcuk outa the way"

    Good for you on doing so, the amount of morons holding up ambulances, firetrucks and cops i see is woeful.

    Sure the cop was probably rushing to maccy d's but still, give them a bit of courtesy and get out of their way.

    If more road users had this kinda attitude they wouldnt be clogging up the right in the first place like a pack or arrogant self centered assholes.
  15. The law actually states that a driver in the path of an emergency vehicle must move out of it's way. It doesn't state move left.

    Many of my fellow CFA firefighters and I would prefer to drive in the middle lane of a 3 lane road when responding to fires as it gives other drivers 2 options of lanes to choose from to get out of our way. Of course this is a simplistic view as we have many more factors to consider (emergency/bus lanes if available, wrong side of road if practical/safe, right/left lane if needing to turn into upcoming side street etc.)

    To the OP, good work on getting out of the way quickly, however no decent member of an emergency service is going to get angry if you take a second longer to get out of the way safely.

    He probably didn't want to go in the emergency lane for the same reason as you. If he blows a tyre, the emergency that he is racing to then has noone/fewer resources than required attending to it.
  17. Right hand lane on a freeway? What were you doing there? If you weren't overtaking you should have been in the left. You were probably just holding up traffic - he could have fined you, could have been worse!
  18. bollocks he could. in vic you can use the lefthand lane. now the laws have changed that say you must overtake on the left. which makes no sense (saw that the vicroasds paper when they sent me my new licence).

    Madstu - good points.

    I got no beef with cops, they have a job and generally do it damn well. i have a lot of respect for them. Some good points raised all round.

    now i just have to contend with this gailwind and rain in melb atm on the way home.
  19. Keep Left unless overtaking.....

    I'm pretty sure thats the law. Correct me if I am wrong.
  20. Its not enforced in QLD.. they seemed to try for a bit but noone would have it.