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VIC Cop sacked for being nice

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by fekkinell, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. Ok... well there were other reasons too, but there should be more police like him out there, not less.


  2. yep....funny isn't it the people that should be doing the job are getting the boot and are being replaced by mindless zealots ](*,)
  3. Interesting. I had a sergeant from the same station issue me and a mate a BS speeding ticket, which resultantly ended up in an unjust 6 months suspension. I took the c^&* to court but in the mean time they wouldn't lift the suspension.

    A mate of mine also happened to be posted at that same station and I asked him what the deal was. At the time I was informed he was on "12 months sick leave" which I was whispered that he was suspended for whatever reasons.

    Once the court case finally came through to processing it was dropped as said cop couldn't appear yadayadyayda and the fine was removed, and the suspension lifted; 5.5 MONTHS INTO IT!! :evil: :evil: :evil:


    As for the other s%&^ of him trying to be nice to other motorists, I don't care, between me and him was a 5.5 month suspension that I'm still dark about.

    *phew*, feel a little better now. :)

    Edit: Just confirmed it was the same arsehole!!! :grin: :rofl:
    Mark Ashton. *retired* LOL
  4. There is something else going on here. All hwy patrol cops do this and they know it. I'd say they couldn't get him on something else.
  5. discretion ? like how my mate was talking on his mobile the other day and the cop let him off without a fine? just a canary that's it. was hoping they took him and his car off the road (that will save a life one day!!), his driving is questionable...
  6. It appears that the Senior Police and Government in general would like to remove all discretionary action from the law. Mandatory sentencing, on the spot fines, no discretion to the Police on the ground or Judges in court is a bad and self defeating policy. It leads to lack of respect for the Police and law.

    Community policing means that individual policemen can make a determination of the severity of the defence and any extenuating circumstances. The possibility of abuse and corruption of the system can be managed by imaginative leadership not cookie cutter responses.

    Let me offer an example from West Australia, not sure if this still exists, a Policeman can give an official warning, no fine no points just a "behave yourself". This goes on record and an offense of the same type within a set period will automatically issue a fine and points loss. That would appear to be a better option than giving Police no room to do their job. 50k in a School zone at 4pm is not the same as 50k in the same school zone at 4am. The law says they are.

    The real failure here is of Senior Police and Government in not providing frameworks in which Police can do their job.

    Now in De-Rant Mode. ;)
  7. I read this article earlier today - the way I read it, I think their problem with this officer was that he was changing the facts of the situation for the ticket, like changing the speed limit or location, rather than reducing the recorded speed, which is what the cops have done in my (thankfully limited) experience, when "using their discretion"...?

    I presume they're worried that if the very-provable situational facts are altered, any fine could be thrown out quite easily...?
  8. Maybe the people he was helping out went back and contested the fines based on being wrongly signposted, i.e. ticket contradicts the road signs. It seems strange he would use his discretion in this way, like you said, they normally reduce the radar reading instead.
  9. Exactly.
    It's not that he was exercising discretion. Police in a lot (not all) cases can decide if a caution or a charge will be given.
    The problem was (as I read it) that he was falsifying documents and falsifying evidence.
    Thats perjury.
    I'm willing to bet that IAD had a file 10mm thick on this guy.
  10. "All police officers are entitled to use discretionary powers when handling speeding offences, whether that be through the issue of infringement notices, cautions or other form of lawful action," the spokeswoman said.

    "However, we expect that the exercise of this discretion must be transparent and open to scrutiny."
  11. Falsifying documents is very different from using discretion. I’m sure it’s a satisfying outcome for Brownyy :)
  12. Of course they do. You say it like your surprised. "Protecting the people" and upholding the law has become big business.
  13. Being nice doesn’t make them money.

    And we all know it’s all about the money.

    They don’t want cops they want machines.
  14. Who is this Deputy Commissioner Ken Lay anyway? Where did he come from? Is he just another scaremonger used to drive another state ALP government agenda? How much are we paying him and why is he on TV and not on the job? Does Victoria have the right people managing OUR publicly owned departments?
  15. Sure Lilley, But that doesn't make it right. The Victoria Police Motto is "Uphold the Right" not upswell the coffers.
  16. Either way I don't care, I've been so stoked all day since I found this out!!! :grin: Maybe it was the coffee and energy drink I had today (I don't usually drink caffeine), or maybe it was booting about on ceska's Striple with sexy sexy arrow pipe, or maybe it was hooning on the eastern for some stupid reason, but I've been buzzing all day since hearing this... rock on!!!

  17. Oh, didn't you hear? God appointed him to run the universe. Apparently.
  18. I agree, something fishy here...Perhaps he was pocketing the difference????
  19. God who? And which department does he oversee? And how much do we pay him?:angel:
  20. :) Not the whole Universe just the Victorian Transport part of the Universe.

    Vic Police News Article