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cop MAY be disciplined over chase video

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Azamakumar, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/8272534/cop-may-be-disciplined-over-chase-video

    digging the music

    EDIT: the video is in the link

  2. He could really get in a lot of trouble for that due to not having the permission to display the video. Too bad cause I find it great that cops have a sense of humour. Cause not many do
  3. Great vid, I like it. Society needs to lighten up.
  4. Love the cartman voice at the end, classic stuff.
  5. Personally I don't see why he bothered to share it. Didn't get any monos off, clocked SFA time on the wrong side of the road, idiot still had his helmet on when his face was slammed in to the ground.

    On a serious note though, 1 car and a bus moved out of his way when he had lights and sirens on, what the shit is that?
  6. That's funny. Why did the vid stop there? Don't we get to watch the Rodney King part? Isn't it obvious that fool was violently resisting arrest and was about to continue doing so until the arresting officer became sweaty and breathless? I mean, if you're going to release funny videos of people doing funny things, why not show them what a police hiding looks like? Those are pretty funny. Cops get together and have a good laugh about them. Can't we share that special humour?
  7. What's the discipline for... breeching copyright re. the soundtrack & Southpark sound-bite or for not wearing gloves?
  8. classic. What about the ******** reporter trying to make a way bigger deal out of this than it actually was. Mr Serious, like TRA said, lighten up man
  9. The police video is copyright to the crown. Otherwise I'd have put my one online ages ago.
  10. Was cool up until the cartmen voice where i spat my coffee over my keyboard.
  11. <sigh>.
    This one too. We really have gotten to the point where humour is against the law, and Robocop is the reality, haven't we?

    How can we expect them to behave like normal people, with normal judgement when their management are puritanical zealots, and society is full of witch-hunters?
  12. Bwahaha the ending was classic. I think it was quite justified as well...

    But yeah, 160kmph is not really that fast. Maybe in that type of heavy traffic but it seemed he had quite a lot of control, not to mention sirens etc to alert anyone he was coming.
  13. The idiot he was chasing couldn't ride a $2 hooker if his life depended on it but the cop seemed fine to me. The video was funny as hell to boot.
  14. I haven't seen the video yet, I'm sure it's funny and all but is it really acceptable for the police to make fun of their alleged criminals? They hold us to a high standard so we need to hold them to a far higher standard since they are officially not citizens. If they don't like it they can go become nightclub security guards or NRL footy players or some other knuckle dragging occupation.

    Underbelly and hollywood cop shows have glamorized police corruption.

    It's all funny till your on the receiving end of it.
  15. ffs, so cops are not allowed to be human? A bit of light humour that some wowser in the force let out to the public. The wanker who leaked it should be the one who is disciplined. I think its healthy.
  16. Was that a tasser flash just before the rider fell to the ground? The officer had something in his hand that seemed to flash.
  17. Can't see anything but the cop's hands.
  18. Yeah I think the flash is the cop light.
  19. So being human is breaking the laws your paid to uphold? Mate if I did the same thing with my police chase video would the cops take it lightly? I think not, they'd come down on me like a tonne of bricks. I know that bloke who had that huge thread on here and ended up on tv posted his police video on YouTube but it got pulled within 48 hours and I bet he's in deep shit over it.
  20. How is he breaking the law?