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cop magnets

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Well on the way to the spur yesterday i was signalled to pull over and told to take my irridium headlight protector off my bike. Cop wanted me to break it in 2 as another motor cyclist volunteered to pull in behind me and have a biatch to them about my riding habits and didnt like the way the headlight changed colours as my bike bounced around :roll: Didnt realise whats dogs other motor cyclist were. Coming home i go up the footpath part at a redlight where pedestrians cross and went up the concourse out front of shops to get to the atm. a tmu in a monaro spoted me and blasted and threatened me saying i was a fckwit and gave motorcyclist a bad name. :roll: i get pulled over 1 in every 2 times i venture out and they use bad language most of the time.. can they get in trouble for swearing at the public? anyone else own a cop magnet on here?

  2. so what exactly was the accesory?
  3. A giant rubber cock... The cop was just jealous.
  4. I never get the problem... Sounds like to me that your riding habits seem to be a little extreme for the locals?

    You really shouldn't use fluffy dice....
  5. Yeah I think we need more details here...
  6. Indeed. What accesory? What did you do to the other rider? What is a tmu? and if you just mis-spelt emu, why was it driving a Monaro? They can probably run faster. :?
  7. PMSL :LOL:

    The accessory was a fully sick WRX rear wing custom fitted to the bke :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    So what was it :p
  8. The trolls seem to be getting slightly smarter.

    Don't worry boys and girls, school holidays end on monday.
  9. I would say it was number plate cover and it would of been a tog , transport operation group .

    They seem to love me to , but then I piss every one off .
  10. Yeah I dunno, riding up onto the path to get to the ATM is maybe going a bit far so you might have deserved that - though not the blasting and swearing - but yeah some more details about what happened up at the spur would be nice!
  11. They're hiring emus now? :shock: I spose at least they wouldn't need to be provided with cars. :p Oh wait, that's right they're driving Monaros! :? :LOL:
  12. Karma baby

    You get back what you put out dude,its pretty simple concept really,called Karma,been round a few thousand years or so,aint rocket science,I aint rode with you or met you but your Avatar names a good start.I wouldnt want to ride near you if you ride like your avatar name.Unless of coarse your just a Charles Bronson fan-"this aint over"
  13. I agree with Kaer, I think you folks take the childrens posting way too seriously.

    Instead of troll think imp.
  14. I got pulled up at a booze bus (don't drink and always find it amusing) and was just about to be let go when the anonymous captain in a car called the young conny to book me for having an obscured number plate. Apparently my registration label mount although allowing my number plate to be clearly visible from behind my bike did not allow it to "be clearly visible from all angles behind the vehicle". I was asked to alter the mount on the spot. Funnily the 4WD in front of me was not booked or asked to remove its spare wheel which "obscured" its number plate as well. When the conny booked me he told me that bikes get cut heaps of slack!!! Funnily I have never experienced it. Maybe riders with police licenses get cut slack.
  15. you must be doing something pretty bad.. i've never been pulled over :p
  16. They are now the Road Safety Task Force
  17. No mate, Traffic Management Unit (TMU).

    RSTF is a different animal alltogether! :wink:
  18. TMU = Vic Pol speak for Traffic Management Unit = normal people speak for traffic cop.

    Cops love using codes and abbreviations to confuse the general public but if you listen to their radio comm's often enough and do a bit of net surfing you can find the answers.
  19. Radar detector?
  20. DVD screen and player ?