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Cop lets me off for 85 in a 60 zone.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Pez, Dec 25, 2008.

  1. got pulled over for the first time last night..Doh!!!

    cop gets out of the car and the first thing he says to me is 'im not going to book you but the speed limit here is 60' and i say how fast was i going officer '85 i clocked you at show me your licence and dont do it again' looks at my licence and says have a good christmas see ya later

    i didnt think there was any of these sort of coppers still gettin around what a champ

  2. wow for 25 over thats pretty damn good.

    I had a mate get 10k taken off then ticket because when the cop asked him for a reason he stated "Because I'm a d!ickhead"

    I wonder though if this cops light handed way worked... Do you think your less likely to speed for at least a little while?
  3. not in that part of town... im sure he has my details

    i was only a couple of houses down from home when it happened and all i could hear every 2min was his siren i wonder if he was still being so nice
  4. Yep, they're still out there. Cops who apply discretion to their work and recognise that the full force of the law is not always needed.

  5. Hardly a deterent, when the OP gets a lucky break at 25km/h over the limit (equals one month suspension!) and he says he will only not speed in that part of town!
  6. Re: good cop...

    i'd almost put money on him not having you on radar, he just guessed your speed.
    why the hell would a cop say straight up "im not gonna book you but u were doing this" in a defensive manner? good on him for pulling you over n trying to talk some sense into you for speeding if he thought u were, but i highly doubt he had you properly, otherwise you would be the one doing the talking :wink:
  7. Re: good cop...


    If he had you on radar / lidar and was in the mood to exercise discretion, he would book you for 1-9kph over the limit (1 point) rather than 10-24kph over (3 points).

  8. I didn't think there were still 'real' police officers who pulled people over for speeding any more! Just greed cameras.......... :LOL:
  9. What a champ, would be good if more of them out there let you off.
  10. well the proof is there.... went for a ride yesterday a was a good boy the whole time kept the speedo on the limit
  11. I got pulled over doing 110 in an 80 zone. The copper was in an unmarked car. I had been riding well, in that I had indicated plenty and moved predictably between the cars, giving the required three seconds notice before changing lanes. So perhaps this helped, because he let me off with a warning, and perhaps the fact that I am 39 and did not talk to him like a dickhead.

    Although, he did have me on video and said it was on record for twelve months and if I got pulled over again I would get done for these and that offence. So I think they can give warnings and have them officially recorded as such.

    The officer was another bike rider and a regular stand up kinda guy.
  12. Jeez, where were you armchair experts when the clairvoyant thread was going?? Not one of you has one shred of evidence to back up your assertions, but, no, 'the Policeman wasn't being nice to a rider on Christmas, he just must not have had a valid pinch'!! What a load of bollocks. Thank God none of you are Police, is all I can say.
  13. well if he *did* get you at 85, and let u off, you had a very lucky experience with the boys in blue!

    i got done a few nights ago for "failure to stop" at the lights, cause i stopped my bike beyond the white line. 3 points and too much money later, i'm still dirty on it, but realised 1) i did break the law (be it by 2-3 meters), and 2) i had a grumpy police officer who wasn't a big fan of us motorcyclists, and he was going to fine me and give me his $0.02 worth as well.

    sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don't. i bet the next police officer who gets you on radar at 25km/h above the limit, will happily take some points, money, and your license off you.
  14. Wow do you feel special :jerk:
  15. I don't think special is the right word for it, more like phucken lucky cos you just missed being skinned.

    I pulled away from a set of lights (in a car) on a nice stretch of smooth bitumen, ahead of the rest of the group, and put my foot down to 150 kph. It was night time in an 80 zone and little did I know, but two cop cars were in the traffic behind me.

    I must have been 150 metres in front when two sets of flashing lights and sirens started up and gave me the worst gut wrenching, sick to my stomach, feeling. It was really one of those ' Phuck! I'm phuckn phucked now' moments. There was no way I was talking my way out of this one. Instant loss of license and massive pharkn fine.

    So I braked hard and dropped down to 80 in no time and indicated over into the left hand lane. There were no cars in front or next to me, it was just me all out in front alone. The coppas came screaming up behind me in the right hand lane and, just kept going!

    Yeah, I definately had one of those WTF expressions on my face. They tore past like they had their foot to the floor and disappeared into the distance.

    All I can imagine is that they didn't think my car was the one speeding and thought it was gone up ahead already. I drove pretty carefully that night, because I knew I had used up heaps of those precious luck points (aka good Karma).
  16. You weren't the target; they had just got a call to something urgent, pulled the squealers and took off. You guilty conscience did the rest. They didn't let you off, they had other, more important business to attend to.
  17. yeah, that thought had crossed my mind as well. Guilty conscience? Hell yeah.
  18. I've ridden past a motorcycle cop whilst doing at least 80 in a 60 zone, he was sitting behind some bushes on the median strip.
    As I went past he waggled his speed gun in the air and made a downwards motion with his other hand to indicate I should slow down.
    It could be argued that perhaps he didn't have me bang to rights with the gun or whatever, but I believe he just didn't want to pull over another biker on a deserted stretch of road who obviously wasn't being a dick, just riding to the conditions.

    Thanks officer.
  19. Re: good cop...


    My many yrs of experience tells me this would be the case. Every time, and I mean everytime, i've been booked, the cop has started the conversation with, "You know you were doing x speed in a y zone......". The few times they've pulled me over but haven't booked me, it's gone along the lines of, "Going a tad fast there weren't we?!".

    Maybe you were lucky enough to get a cop in the Christmas spirit, but I doubt it, seeing how there's a "speed blitz" over the festive period.
  20. Good Cop, bad cop, just plain strange cop!

    Four friends of mine were on a burn on the A1 in the south west of Vic. Well the need for speed and pack mentality over powered their logic and common sense, so they started to pour on the coal, just for a few klicks.
    Mate at the back of the pack looks in the mirror and sees unmarked Commodore with flashing lights right behind him, he then looks at the speedo and sees that he is going to jail straight away....
    Mate pulls over and hops off, takes his helmet off, and says his prays. Minute later, before policeman can get out of car one other of the guys in the pack comes back and pulls up, accepting that his GSXR1000 may be pretty quick, but it can't out run radio waves to the police in the next town...
    Mr. Policeman asks mate what the hell he and his buddies are doing on Australia's number one highway? Mate says that they were out on a ride and things got out of hand and how stupid it was to have lost the plot on the highway. Mr. Policeman agrees with mate and tells mate that he had been following the pack for 5 klicks before he pulled the lights on, and that it took another 2 klicks before mate had looked in the mirror!
    Mr. Policeman then tells both that they were officially clocked at 200 over one klick.
    Mr. Policeman breaks into a smile then says he enjoyed flogging the guts out of the patrol car on a Saturday afternoon, as it broke the boredom!
    Mr. Policeman then tells them to have a nice day and to slow down because the police in the next sector of the highway weren't likely the type to let nutty bike riders off with a warning!
    Mate is left dumbfounded standing on the side of the road, as unmarked car does a U turn, Mr. Policeman waves, and spins the wheels up heading back the way he had come!
    Only explanation mate can think of is Mr. Policeman rides bikes himself, and took pity, or he couldn't be stuffed filling out all the paperwork that chasing the rest of them, then arresting and charging all four bike riders, handcuffing them, stuffing them in the divy van, confiscating their iron ponies, and getting meals for them in the lockup would have entailed!
    I swear on a stack of Haynes manuals this is dead set true...
    Only the names, dates, and location have been ommitted to protect the stupid and one uber generous policeman.