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NSW Cop in black ute on the Old Road

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by basejumper, Sep 2, 2015.

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    Cop just south of the Warriors cafe on the old road 30 minutes ago.
    Black commodore ute cc16nv
    Dead set wanker. Got my mate for speeding. I filmed him driving past and he turned around and got the shits. Tried to have a goat the night rod exhaust. Then he tells me he is filming our conversation, so I say " so it's ok for u to film me but you've got the shits when I filmed you"


    [N/A | National] - Stop calling police "pigs" or "bacon" | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community
  2. Old Road, on a Wednesday morning??

    Fcuk me, what's the world coming to.
  3. You guys whine far too much. He's doing his job. Either stop speeding or man up and either taken the consequences or do a runner.
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  4. Poor goat
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  5. Not whingeing Mate - and your options are valid.

    Not on a Wednesday morning though, in an undercover ute ........... is nothing sacred?
  6. It could be worse.. you could be in QLD

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  7. I like the attitude. Your mate was speeding but it is the cops fault that he got the fine. I only see one wanker here and he wasn't driving a commodore.
  8. We had these in SA for a while. That was until one got stolen and another was picked up y a garbage truck
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  9. I'm sorry, but all the wankers I know drive commodores
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  10. No, the wankers drive Falcons. But it is a low act of the police to drive un marked cars. There have been a few cases now of Police provoking speeding by doing stupid and dangerous things. If it were a genuine safety exercise, then they would and should be in Marked cars. Using a black ute is blatant revenue raising.
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  11. The provoking incidents were shite yes, i believe that's been stopped?

    I do disagree with the whole revenue raising argument though, if you never know where, when or in what vehicle or bin, will you slow down? Pretty affective i think.
  12. If I see any car whatsoever on the old road I slow right down.
    It's usually a very quite road due to the motorway being next to it.
    So any car especially later models causes my cop senses to go into overdrive.

    Weekend is a different story though as heaps of car clubs come out to Old Pac. Sorry to hear your mate got caught.
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  13. Look, I'm not condoning entrapment, but the Police have been using unmarked cars since the dawn of time, and the speed limit on most of the old Pac IS 60kph.... There's really no excuse for being booked for speeding there, it must be one of the most likely places you could get booked in the whole state.......
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    If riders stopped throwing themselves off the Old Road there'd be less plod there.
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  15. Cruise control! Time to upgrade to the BMW ;)
  16. I've heard that there is a company that makes electronic cruise control for almost any bike for about $1k. I know that's a lot, but still much cheaper than the change over to a BMW. Unless of course you are trying to justify buying one, then go ahead.
  17. I hear ya , sadly i have to wait until 2017 to get anything new ... Cruise would be good on a long straight , eg: Melbourne to Sydney but don't see much use for it with the places i ride.. Too much start & stop traffic.
  18. The best cruise control on the Old Road (or anywhere else) is your right hand.......
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  19. Unless of course you're texting then its the right foot..
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  20. It depends on what happened, my brother got the your points are mounting up letter a few days back and one of his busts was 6 points for 1 incident . That was 58 ks in a 50k zone on Christmas day 2 blocks from home. Double D emits weekend. So if this bloke today was done for some piddling amount over then yes its pathetic Policing in my opinion. Lucky me I just did the Old Rd heading home an hour ago in my car.Pits pies for a late lunch