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Cop gets fined for police chase, and u think our cops are bad

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by goz, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Video from Sweden. An unmarked police car chases an Yamaha R1 -01. Seems like the police doesn´t use their sirens. The driver of the police car was later charged for not obey order. 6.34 he receives the order to abort the pursuit. And yes, the guy on the R1 didn´t have the skills to keep the speed up!

    *** EDIT: The officer driving the police car was later sentenced to pay a ticket, 19.000 SEK (€ 2000 // $ 2850). The reason was he didn´t obey order to abort pursuit and he didn´t had the permission to cut the bike off.***

    Starts at about 2 minutes in

    fair dinkum, guy should of been shot

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  2. i find it hard to watch these goz
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  3. Our cops ARE bad. They'd cover this crap up and put all blame on the rider... Cop would get promoted
  4. Did the cop at least have his lights on? So the rider wasn't thinking some loony was trying to run him off the road?
  5. read the description
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  6. Read it, doesn't answer my question. Siren /= lights
  7. Who should be shot ???.
  8. I like how one of the cops say, "let's see how good he rides" hahaha.. pretty shit riding
  9. Post something to back up your post.
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  10. you're right. there's no proof. Cause our cops ALWAYS pull out of a chase just before the accident where someone gets killed.
  11. Sorry I must have missed your link proving this point as well.
  12. oh i get it..you're being ironic.
  13. Would you prefer I post unsubstantiated comments ?
  14. Could easiy have tazered him , but i guess since there was no hi vis its easier to wait for the accident.