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Cop for a day (Well 2 actually)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stigger, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Now if we can only get the "higher ups" at Vicpol to read this. Especially the bits about "education" and "discretion".

    Nah not going to happen is it? :evil:
  2. nicely lifted. :LOL: A good read, now i KNOW that's where I'm heading once I get through the academy...
  3. great read
    wish we had cops like that
  4. :roses: That's me!! Sounds like their training is almost identical to ours too.
  5. Do you think this would be a good idea to do here in Australia Hubie? Give some Jurno's an inside look at what it's like to be on the beat on the bike?
  6. Mate it would not be a bad Idea but I can't see Force Command here ever allowing a non police member let alone a non qualified rider on one of our bikes.
  7. You're overlooking one BIG difference though Hubie, The pommie cops aren't a pack of revenue raising bastards who will book you for 5k's (3mph) over the limit.

    As the article stated, 40mph in a 30 limit wont normally earn you a ticket. You try doing 66 km/h in a 50 limit here and see what happens :roll:
  8. Motorcycle cops here are pretty good, in NSW at least.
    I got pulled over for a conversation for dong somewhere around 130 in a 100 zone. After a chat, talking about teh road and me telling the cop how it was nice and empty, fairly straight and boring, with bugger all traffic, he told me to slow down a bit and to "exercise more restraint" in the future.
    Also said he wished teh Police had tourers that sounded so good! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Well, you're pretty lucky Typhoon.

    I think the one you got is an exception, not the rule. However in Pommieland, its not just bike cops that show common sense, but all cops. The guy that they did fine only got 3 points and a fine. He was doing 51 in a 30mph limit. You reckon you'd get the same for doing 83 in a 50k limit here? Try an instant ban! :shock:
    Victoria - a FINE state.
  10. I've been pulled over 3 times for speeding, every time well above normal discretionary speeds.
    I find treating the cop like a human being just doing a job, and not going on like I am being persecuted for breaking the law, works wonders...........

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Try it in VIC, you could be on your knees with your mouth open and it wouldnt help :wink:
  12. although there are plenty of nice cops about, im with cossie on this one :?
    do it in Vic and you get reemed, be it from a nice polite cop like the one i met, or a rude bugger.
    its still a fine state to be in.
  13. That's my experience (here in Victoria), last time I got pulled over - getting over-excited n holiday traffic, being followed by an unmarked car - I took it on the chin in a friendly and respectful way and in turn was treated in a friendly and respectful way, and while fined he did not push the letter of the law which would have meant worse.

    My partner's experience - at which I was present, and wherein she was held to be riding unlicensed along Kew Boulevard, which was all due to a mix-up with Vic Roads - was quite the contrary...I couldn't believe how antagonistic and somewhat irrational the nit-wit from Kew police station (female, middle-aged, can't remember anymore descriptors) was. If that woman has trouble with attitude from the public (and we held our polite cool) it's all her doing.

    But there you go, how different is this from any other profession in life where you'll always find some nongs and some power-trippers? And then add to that that the traffic cop often has to deal with more than the average share of people who are at least unhappy to talk to them, if not rude...

    Yes, that was a good read! At first the tone was such that I thought he'd bias any critique with an eagerness to please his new mates, but then he didn't go into the sort of depth that involved a critique, it just wasn't that sort of article, and it was interesting instead to just hear his description of the experience.

  14. :LOL: I notice that in UK police speak "RTA" = Road Traffic Accident.

    Bloody perfect.
  15. What a good moral boost for the fuzz!

    I guess some problems do solve themselves...
  16. Good to make the distinction clear in our own minds and what we say, IMO: the problem in Victoria is not with the cops, and it's not the cops' fault. It's with the government that sets up the rules and expectations and approach. As has been pointed out here, they have set a standard where you can be fined for speeds that are within the ADR tolerances of speedo accuracy, which is just illogical craziness. If you have problems with that, don't take it out on the cop trying to get his job done despite it, vote and protest and push for change.
  17. Bravus, Its not just in Vic.
    A mild mannered middle aged colleague of mine was just fined and demerited in Adelaide for 83 in an 80 zone. He was not amused.

    Its not fair and reasonable policing, and while much of the pressure for this kind of thing obviously comes from the bean counters on high, a bit of common sense by the side of the road would go a long way to improving community-police relations.
  18. Yeah, I know I tend to blame the cops when maybe they're just doing what they are told, but as we know have the ability to use discretion, maybe they shouldn't be booking people for a couple of k's over.

    The bigger fines and exceeding the limit by 25+ k's isn't actually the copper on the side of the roads fault, he's just doing his job in this case.

    An its actually an RTC in England now (Road Traffic Collision), cos its not always an accident!! I think the journo is just using an old term.
  19. when tony & i rode to naracoorte (when I was still on my cibby 250) we stopped at tailem bend for coffee, and there were 2 bike cops there.
    one of them was very happy to chat, talked about how heavy his bike was & how brave he thought I was for riding a 250 to naracoorte & back, told us to watch the wind once we turn at keith, chatted about what a nice day it was for a ride & said 'be careful further up, there might be some radar about. take care out there'

    the other cop was quiet & didn't say much.