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Cop filtering [vic]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by slickncghia, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. Just saw a cop filtering his big beamer on springvale rd heading north just before high street rd.

    If its good enough for him, its good enough for me. ill be continuing to filter withought fear from mr plod


  2. Ben,

    If you've just declared this after my replies on lanesplitting, be aware that if i see you do it, i'll book you.

  3. :jerk:

    Were you teased in the school playground?

    You can happily book me providing I see you actively rid our streets of the filth that drive in a manner that places the rest of the community at risk.

    Targetting lane filtering tells me about your childhood more than anything else.

    I once pulled up beside a TMU car and stopped at a red light. The car in front of the TMU ran a dead red light. I actually had to motion for him to do something. This is why the streets are far more dangerous today because of the lax attitude of the Police.

    "Let the cameras sort them out...." bloody pathetic.

    Get out there and do some real work and keep the roads safe. Book him for filtering stopped traffic :jerk:
  4. aww sh!t Hubie.. and to think i just voted positively in your contribution thread. :roll:

    Why the hell would you go and say something like that..? I think you may have just proven that the power goes to the heads of some coppers.

    In a thirty second period today i saw roughly 5 people on mobile phones while driving, go chase them and do something constructive with your time.
  5. Hubie, this is one of the reasons that I hate traffic cops, I don't have a problem with the regular cops, good on em I say! It's a hell of a job I wouldn't do. And I respect them for it.

    But Traffic cops, egos in a uniform. :evil:
  6. I don't understand how you can just follow the law to the book, without taking some personal judgement into play. How can you justify booking someone for lanesplitting when its usually:
    - Safer (can't be rearended when you're between cars, or at the front.. usually)
    - Faster (so you're not in traffic as long, thus less danger to the rider)
    - Done with some skill (think about it, the MOST P test is 100% seeing if you can control the bike at low speeds properly)
    - Doesn't slow anyone else down, as you're gone when its clear
    - Reducing congestion
    - Not harming anyone
    - A terribly minor offense, time should be spent dealing with DANGEROUS driving/riding
  7. + not over heating your bike :)

    Im all for lane splitting / filtering , so many people do it i'm sure it'll be 'officially' legal sometime in the future! well, can only hope, right?
  8. Hubie75, are you saying that you don't lane filter even when you're off duty? :?
  9. Vic,

    I don't target lane splitting, I'll go for anything out there mate, in fact i can count on one finger the amount of times i've booked someone for it and that was because he was doing about 60 through stopped traffic. That one was all about attitude. But if you can put yourself in my shoes, someone saying i'm gonna lanesplit and i dont care is like a drug dealer walking up to a general duties cop and saying i'm gonna be selling out the front of flinders street station tonight.

    It's got a whole lot to do with attitude and I give a lot of leeway to bikes because most drivers have very little skill when it comes to travelling with them.

    I believe that a good motorbike rider is a far better driver than someone who's never been on a bike before.
  10. So... do you filter off duty??
  11. It would be a stupid double standard if i did wouldn't it?
  12. Well, with interest I'm going to weigh into this debate - because this is the type of attitude which I for one find an insult to every rider on the road.....

    First - where is the evidence that shows that riders are dying, being injured doing the very thing which the police are so keen to book us for?

    Answer - They don't have the stats. There is no link between lanesplitting and injury. The evidence is "perceived" - not "actual". Someone thinks its dangerous - but where is the proof???? To top it off the police currently can't collect the stats properly because they have a problem with their system. This is another story which is being addressed by VMAC.

    Doing 60 kph between stationery traffic? There's a huge gap there - like 2 to 3 metres gap. I only need about 30 cm either side of the end of my handle bars to get though gaps like that. What is the problem??????

    Attitude - because he was doing 60 kph? What utter bullshit! I assume that he was doing the posted speed limit and just because the traffic was stationery - that accounts for attitude? FFS - is it any wonder that the police get so much flak from we humble road users...... :eek:

    I have been riding for over 30 years, I ride every day, I blatently lane split, I know what to look for, I have pushed it to the limit and I am yet to be convinced that lanesplitting is dangerous.

    My solution - teach riders how to do it safely. Teach them what to look out for. Guide them on where to do it and caution them against doing it under certain circumstance. Legalize it - so that drivers will be aware that they need to look out for bikes doing it when the traffic builds up on the freeways........

    Book them? What an utter, utter, utter, UTTER WASTE of time. Its not going to stop us all from doing it. Its not going to save any lives. It is going to lower our respect for the police yadda, yadda, yadda....

    Hubie, I have a lot of time for the job you do as a police officer and I have a lot of respect for the police force - but, this "Book him Danno" attitude needs to stop.... :mad:
  13. Sure would....

    Its crazy that you're a rider and can honestly say that you don't filter though. You should try it, it's quite fulfilling :wink:

    Cheers for the reply :)
  14. John,

    The attitude of this rider was not in relation to his speed. It was about when I pulled him over.

    If there was ever a law made that allowed lanesplitting to be legal (I don't think it will happen) i'd be a very happy man

  15. Then you need to put yourself in our shoes and read what you post :p

    I got pinged in March/April this year by a Melbourne TMU, prick!!!!!

    Going over the Charles Grimes bridge, slightly cranked over get to the bottom of the bridge and a van pulls into my lane, no indicator nothing, i'm on the horn and he still moves into my lane.

    I get pulled over, I get booked, I was "speeding" the van driver is allowed to carry on changing lanes without indicating and putting other road users at risk.

    So yeah, put yourself in our shoes ey :grin:
  16. For once I gave good attitude Hubie because I was busted big time & it
    paid off for me.. big time as well :)

    If I can be honest with tho dude.. I find it very hard to believe what
    you said earlier; that you have never split lanes before. I think thats bullshit.


    You must honestly be the first person I've ever heard say such a thing
    so I honestly think you only said it for obvious reasons.

    Have you at least FILTERED lanes before? in peak hour traffic? :?
  17. A political career awaits...
  18. In case you hadn't noticed Hubs, OP was NOT talking about lanesplitting.
    He was talking about FILTERING.

    Two different acts we are talking about.

    ‘Lane splitting’, is basically when a motorbike passes between two
    cars moving in the same direction, to get to a bit of clear road.

    ‘Lane filtering’, when the traffic is stationary at a set of lights and the
    motorcyclist passes slowly between them (as shown below)

    Photo: Lane filtering

    I've filtered to the lights past Police before including on (2) occassions
    where Police bikes were already at the lights when I pulled up next to

    I filter to the front of traffic in all occassions. Why? because its the safest
    thing to do, rather than be sandwiched between two cages.

    Thats why I asked..

  19. Didn't know there was a difference.

    I've never split, but I filter every day. Not everyone is aware of the difference. I personally filter because it's quicker, the safety thing is a plus.

    I'd find it hard to believe that no-one filters.
  20. A political career awaits? My god now i'm insulted :wink: I think the desire to become a politicial should bar you for life from ever being one!

    As far as filtering/splitting goes, BEFORE I joined vicpol, yes I did split traffic. Now, i have to set an example otherwise i'm just a hypocrite!