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Cop fails to perform headcheck -> *consequences*

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Article

    Lucky they're so much better trained than we are, ay?

    Any other idiot might have killed a motorcyclist...

  2. opsie...

    i guess out of all the bad drivers there are, some are cops too!
  3. the era of robocops hasn't started yet...so yeah, cops are humans too.... :p
  4. Not according to them.
  5. im sure the next time that copper busts someone for doing a U-turn where they shouldn't he will have a story to tell....hope everyone is ok.
  6. The article states the officers suffered minor injuries only.

    Doesn't say whether the police officer driving has already received his negligent driving fine, or whether they will post it to him after taking his statement while he affected by painkillers in hospital... wonder which will happen?

    The truck driver was well protected, meaning the lucky policeman didn't commit manslaughter with a motor-vehicle via an 'oops'.
  7. Yesterday I was sitting down at Pie In the Sky on the OPH and I heard a huge screetch and thought that a car had lost control. I looked and there was a highway patrol parked sideways across double white lines on the road at the top of a blind corner/hill (80kph zone).

    He must have pinged a bike going fast mid corner and decided to turn around in a textbook extremely dangerous place. He botched the handbrake turn (the shitbox only locked 1 wheel) and had to do a 3 pointer. He then went after the bike with his lights flashing and turbo spooling (by the time he has facing the right way the bike was long gone).

    I came around that bend 5 mins before that.. what if I was coming over the hill at 80 when that moron was parked across the road? I probably wouldn't be posting this rant thats for sure..

  8. so the question is..who do u blame...the cop or the bike who was speeding... :p

    oh well...there was this story i had read when i was a kid...about rules are meant to protect the people...if you see any rule conflicting with this idea..its better to break that rule than being stubborn and adhere to it...causing harm to others.

    wonder when would the law enforcers realize this......
  9. Three letters.
    (Ethical standards Dept)
    Send them a letter detailing the above and offer to swear a statement...
    They are (supposed) to investigate.
  10. The nearest I ever came to dying on a motorcycle was when a pursuit car pulled into my lane to overtake a Station Wagon while in pursuit of a GPZ1000 who er, did not come close to killing me.


    Actually information since then has lead me to believe that it could have been an ex :(
  11. Movi, whenever anybody says that, out come our Joe Citizens. Get that Flame proof Clothing on, Quickly now!!!
  12. made me giggle
  13. Since they are OK but were not on pursuit or a job. They should be charged with culpable driving and endangering lives!
    Anybody else would have!

    Double standards!

    Love it!

    Were there delays in cleaning up the mess and what was the cost to the community?
  14. Yep. I do too.

    I would much rather have police who are human and make mistakes, than no cops at all.

    And I would never want the sort of police that some of you would seem to rather....

    Cheers and all the best ;-)

    Trevor G
  15. Oh i c...

    So, we as a general population should accept increased penalties for minor illegal indiscretions in lawful behavior; but the enforcers of the law: instructed to set a standard, operate professionally and accept training that leaves them without the same excuses for errors that we mere mortals have; should be let off in case we scare them off the job - because it's better to have idiots than robots OR an imaginary level of anarchy?

    Now this is all hypothetical, seeing as we don't know whether the police officer in control of the vehicle has been charged with anything or not...



    :arrow: Were you dropped when you were a child?
  16. The rabid, illogical and pure corrupt focus on on the infringement of exceeding a magical number in a red circle, below which regardless of the conditions you are safe and above which you will spontaneously combust is not really the fault of the police, it is the fault of the lawmakers and politicians and to a lesser extend the idiotic populace who get in their "OMG THINK OF THE CHILDREN" retard mode whenever the RTA or a policitian spins their "speed kills" mantra.

    Leave the cops out of it - for the vast majority are champions.
  17. i hope this does not become another one of those cop bashing threads!

    this incident will be investigated properly, no doubt.

    what happened in NZ not long ago:

  18. in both u-turn examples above, you could find a better place to do the turn. In case you haven't noticed, prime movers aren't setup with one dinky little headlight. At midnight they are rather hard to miss if you are actually looking.

    In the second case, why do a u-turn in the middle of a high speed blind corner? All those hwy patrol cars have video cameras that will record the previous 30 seconds or so if you hit the lights - even recording tall the speed camera data as well. So the guy on the bike could have been caught if he was doing something wrong. If not and the cop just wanted to harass him (RBT *cough*) then WTF do you need to display both poor judgement and poor driving skill with a risk to the rest of us poor mugs on the road?

    Some of them aren't "just human". They're children!
  19. Ktulu they tried to kill me lol.




    Thats me the ambo's are putting a neck brace on!