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'Cop' Encounter

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by speedysnaill, May 28, 2007.

  1. Hey all!

    Well, here's my little story to add to the myriad of exciting rider stories posted on here every day :) ... though mine may not be very exciting...

    I was riding down Anzac Hwy (Adel) when I noticed a cop on a motorbike behind me - no biggie, hadn't been doing anything illegal (please note, I am a learner, with a big L on the back of my bike, he obviously took note of this). Anyway, I turn down South Rd and am riding along - now, normally the traffic gets soooo banked up down there I do some lane-splitting Razz which I thought was illegal, but which I have been informed actually isnt.... anyway, the cop isn't doing any lane-splitting, though he is doing some pretty risky weaving in and out of cars and riding about 10-15k over the speed limit. So he's obviously up ahead, and then I see him speed off (and nearly go up the rear of some car that suddenly brakes, but he swerved and went around him) and so a little bit later on I figure he's gone.

    I come to a set of lights where the cars are backed up about 50m, so I figure "what the hell?" (at this time I'm mere minutes away from home) and as I'm riding between the stationary cars, I ride past a van and there he is! He makes this big chopping motion with his hand to stop, so I pull in beside him. There I am, wincing under my tinted visor (thank god he couldn't see my face) and then I lift it up coz he's speaking to me. He basically tells me off for riding between the cars and asks me if my instructors at the course told me not to do it, of course I say they didn't tell me (but they said it's "not a good idea" - I don't tell him this of course) and then the lights go green and he speeds away.

    So, I'm so confused. I want to know once and for all whether or not it IS illegal - i don't want to lose my license after having it for 3 months - that would suck!

    What I was told, is that it's only illegal once the cars start moving, so NEXT time a cop does that to me, what do I say? "Sorry mate, but it's actually legal for me to do this?" Can they still fine me even if it isn't 'technically' illegal? Some cops like to get on their authoritarian high-horse, and I'd really hate to piss the wrong cop off, the results could be REALLY undesirable!

    Cheers :D
  2. here comes 15 thousand storeis about how its leagl and how its illegal, you have an option to do it or not, then the cops also have the option of knocking you off for it, or to let you go
  3. Personally, I think it depends on the cop.

    In the last 2 weeks:

    Split past the unmarked bike cop on the Monash inbound (moving traffic, Friday evening).

    Filtered up to the front of about 15 deep cars at the lights, next to a marked car at the front of the queue in the lane next to me (stopped traffic, Saturday morning).

    Split past an unmarked police car on the Monash outbound (moving traffic, Wednesday evening).

    Good luck. :wink:
  4. Whether it is legal or not is largely irrelevant. Its mostly going to depend on the cop who sees you do it.

    Some don't give a stuff - eg I posted a thread a couple of weeks ago about a bike cop that stopped beside me and gestured for me to filter through stationary traffic as he was doing instead of sitting in the lane as I was doing - and others will want to pull you over and tell you that you are riding dangerously and threaten you with various offenses - and then again some that will actually find some offense to charge you with.

    Its been debated on here numerous times and whilst there is no law in Victoria for instance specifically forbidding you from doing so (filtering, not splitting), there are still cops that will come down on you for doing it.
  5. Here we go again..................................................................................................................................

    Look at recent posts on this topic.
  6. Could be that in his judgement you didn't have the experience (on Ls) to be doing it, not that no-one should do it... but of course that's a complete guess.
  7. I was wondering when the L plate issue was going to be brought up. I'm figuring that's what he was on about, considering he mentioned "your instructor".
  8. This one time, I rode between some cars; and I got a disapproving look from an old lady in a Camry... so I think it's illegal.
  9. By displaying the L plate, he can only assume your are inexperienced. Therefore, his advice as given is in the interests of your safety. Heed it (until) your off your L's.

    Queensland is the only state where you can legally pass a stationary line of cars on the left.
  10. Also, a copper can give you a ticket at any time for nothing all he has to do is give you the "undue care ticket" he/she does not have to supply you with a reason, as it is at his/her discretion as to weather you were riding with due care or not. It's a sh!tty law but still here none the less, sometimes it is actually needed.
  11. Two vehicles abrest in a lane is illegal (except for pushbikes for soem reason).

    Overtaking on the left is illegal.

    You're in trouble either way.

    Having said that, cops do it all the time too...
  12. Is that why earlier this week you pulled alongside a car on the left and I pulled alongside him in the right (to get to the front of the lane)- making three vehicles sharing a lane, and then you took off in a cloud of dust popping a wheelie? :p
    Guess all of that must be ok in QLD huh? :LOL: :cool:
  13. What concerns me most about this story is that the policeman seemed to have weaved in and out of the traffic and created a mental impression that this was ok, and then apparently raced ahead to 'wait' for you so he could tick you off for doing what he had implicity been condoning a few blocks before. Smells of entrapment to me, if I have read it correctly...
  14. yes and as we all know entrapment is not against the law in good old Aust.

    from my view, stationary traffic filtering to the front as long as done safely is fine, ive heard that if u maintain your lane position INSIDE ur lane u are over taking, if u breach the other side ( as we often do when 'weaving' between cars) then u are undertaking which is illegal.

    sketchie is right and ill agree with him ( dont fall over mate but i just agreed with you, lucky im sitting down.) . " riding or driving with out due care" is a common ticket that can be given to you for doing anything they deem they dont like on the day. from eating that drive thru hamburger to changing cds. f they dont think u have full and complete control u can be done.

    now the Fact ur on your Ls swings both ways.

    a) u dont have the confidence or skills to be doing so, and the cop will make an issue of it.

    b) u dont have the confidence to do it and the cop knows you only have one point and that if he books u u lose ur licence.

    as he is a rider too, he knows the joys of riding so they can be lenient at times..

    good luck and ride safe!
  15. Was that on your way to band camp?
  16. Speedy, I asked a police officer this question two years ago.
    His answer was "Depends on how bad a mood the cop is that sees you do it"

    The cop said it's illegal to pass on the left of a vehicle, so you COULD be pulled over for that. however if you can pass on the right & stay within the same lane of the car (i.e don't cross the white lane between lanes) then it's a legal pass.

    Problem is with lane splitting you often DO need to cross that line. Hence why a cop CAN pull you over for overtaking on the left.

    The cop we spoke to said "it really is a grey area & it really does depend on whether the cop who sees you doing it wants to be a prick or not". His words.
  17. If you are in doubt as to whether or not you can legally lane spit then I suggest that when a motorcycle cop is in the vecinity that you are in that you just adhere to the road rules as though you were a car.

    Do all things illegal when the law isn't watching.
  18. ...again?!

  19. :blah:

    Lanesplitting itself isn't illegal...

    - changing lanes without indicating is illegal
    - having an improper position in the lane is illegal
    - passing on the left is illegal
    - dangerous driving is illegal.

    If you get a prick cop they'll pull one of these on you but you'll never get a fine with the reason down as "lanesplitting".