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Cop crashes into motorcyclist

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Rohizle, May 18, 2011.

  1. Whoa!

  2. holy f*uck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. He was clearly resisting arrest, slowing down and pulling over like that.
  4. looked like attempted pre meditated murder to me
  5. Fully planned out days in advance and everything. To bad he failed.
  6. seriously though what person in their right mind bangs into a cyclist - does this police officer not have the training to understand what happens when 2000kgs hits 300kgs = oh wait thats in another thread :)
  7. Thats how they roll in the U S of A
  8. Brings a new dimension to the pit maneuver. Should have stolen a faster bike the tool.
    Guess how he gets a cat out of a tree.
  9. There's a legal term for that. It's called attempted murder.
  10. not suprised, USA
    very lucky they did'nt shoot him after they knocked him off. somewhat amazed they did'nt actually.
  11. idiot cop, hope he got charged with something.
  12. Any wonder many folks don't respect the Police. They clearly did that deliberately.
  13. An ex business partner of mine was a VicPol TOG back when they took the car & bike home and used whichever took their fancy of a morning. Many a story to tell, one of which was a repeat offender up Shepparton way who finally pissed my mate off once too often.

    The company car was a fairly hot Fraud with chrome bumpers, a noteworthy point. Chummy thought he was going to get away on his bike, mate thought otherwise to the point where a gentle 'love tap' set the two wheels off into the bush and recalcitrant hero into the Emergency Ward with a bust leg.

    During the interview the following day prior to laying charges there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth about being bumped by the Polis, which met with blank stares and denials.

    "Mate, if we'd hit you there would be evidence on the car, and the bumper is clean as a whistle. We never touched you, you just lost it under pressure"

    Apparently, much application of Chrome polish was needed to remove layers of rear tyre rubber the night before ;)

    Then there was the D who took 6 weeks to get his personal company car back to the garage after a bit an off: in the Gold Coast. He was based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne at the time.....
  14. I think it was on here that someone posted a video of car chases in some US state (i think) where they pull up alongside the car, and then this ninja carrying a 12 gauge jumps from the cop truck to the car, beats the shit out of the driver with the stock then throws him out of the car.

    I'd prefer a love tap to that.
  15. Or simple "excessive force". Murder would be a bit of a stretch; at that speed you're not likely to suffer loads of damage from just hitting the ground, and if the car brakes immediately there wouldn't be toooo much risk of running the rider over.

    Still a pretty stupid and jerkarse move, though, especially since the rider seemed to be cooperating.

    EDIT: According to the blurb on YouTube: "Jackson county(oregon) sheriff claims "no brakes" after crashing into the back of this motorcycle". If that's supposed to mean that he's claiming his brakes didn't work, its BS if for no other reason than the "vvvvroom" noise just before/as he hits the bike. I may not drive a car, but I'm pretty sure vroom is still the noise for 'go fasta', not 'go slowa'.

    I'm trying to find more info, but haven't had much luck so far.
  17. Still don't see how not having any brakes stops the steering wheel from working (he could have gone around him), plus he stopped just fine after he rammed the bike.
  18. Looks like the cop cuffs him as well. What the hell is up with that?
  19. Obviously he cuffed him for ramming the squad car with the back of his bike.