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cop cars result in brown stains in my jocks

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by TRA, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Riding to work this morn, 1am cause the IT guys are moving some of our servers to a new data center, cruising down Sandgate Road near clayfield in Brisbane. Thinking how nice it is when there are no cars on the road. I could hear sirens, but had no idea where they were. I slowed up a bit, and as I was travelling just a little over the speed limit. Arriving at an intersection 2 cops came screaming around the corner, lights and sirens, straight through a red light hardly slowing down at all. The intersection is blind, hidden by shops on one side and phone exchange building otherside. Needless to say, i chucked out the anchors and proceeded to shit my pants, plenty of stopping time but when people pull out on you like that it still gives you a fright, especially at 1am when you are not expecting it.

    Spewen, had the hd hero on but battery must have been flat as only got the first 50 seconds of the ride.
  2. Ummm, I'm not sure what to say......

    Sorry you got a scare, but they had the lights and siren going so it's up to you to give way to them.....harsh I know, but that's the reality.
  3. even ambulances slow when going through reds.
  4. Must be different in your part of the world. Here, plod have to take all reasonable steps to avoid an accident no matter what they are doing. Not supposed to put the public in danger.
    Although you do have to give way where possible.
  5. good to hear you are ok.

    on sirens - I saw a fire engine on george st earlier this year, sirens blazing all the way. I saw it 200m to the north of me, and watched as it got 100m south. It went against the red, and in spite of the fact that the engine had been in clear view for some 300m, people were still walking in accordance with the green man. Most had the sense to speed up to get off the road, but one dude just wandered across in his own time, and when the fire engine had to swerve to get around him, he put his hands up in the air in a "WTF fire engine, I'm walking here" kindof way.

    People like that make me wish involuntary euthenasia was legal - ending humanity's suffering by ending his life prematurely is surely for the greater good.
  6. As i said, plenty of time to stop. I could hear the sirens, but could see no lights (and this was at 1am this morning in darkness) until they were actually entering into the intersection.
  7. If you had plenty of time to stop, why did you nearly shit your pants? At night (in darkness) the lights of would be easier to see and would 'bouncing'/reflecting of nearby buildings.
  8. Shit myself cause of the speed they came out of the side street through the red light. Trust me, if you had been there you would understand. The lights were not visible because the buildings butt right up against sandgate road, and given the speed they were going its the lights were only noticable as they got to the intersection. Had I been a few seconds earlier then I may well have been surfing the bonnet.
  9. Fair enough.

    As an aside, in the last 15 minutes there's been 2 ambulances, 1 police car and 3 Fire Trucks go past my building all with lights and sirens. Interestingly the ambulance and fire trucks slowed noticeably for the nearby interestection, the police didn't.
  10. Were they chasing someone?

    I sure hope that their excess speed in ignorance of the safety for other potential road users was justified in terms of the matter they were attending to...

    Even then, I question placing the lives of innocent road users at risk to respond to a brake in. They should have slowed and had command change the lights for them ahead of time. This is possible, I've seen it done for parliamentary and international envoy escort.
  11. There is a simple answer to this:

    It is much easier to join the police force, than what it is to join the Ambos or become a Firey.
  12. I tried to catch up to them to see where they were going, but lost them cause I got stuck at a red light (which they also drove through at high speed). Must have been pretty serious.
  13. I have a theory about this...... Basically up until about 5 or 6 years ago it was illegal for Ambo's and Firey's to go through red lights so were always very cautious going through to make sure a) they didn't go through a camera or b) have an accident and therefore lose their license


    They're in the business of savings lives while the cops aren't :rofl:
  14. Do they not know where you're hiding?
  15. Well i don't want to be seen standing up for the enemy, but if there lights and sirens are on thats a code red which is serious. My understanding (from listening to the police radio sometimes) is that they can't just turn them on themselves, the radio dispatch thingy tells them (when they assign a job to a car) if its code red or code blue. I also have a mate whos a cop and he says its only classed as code red if someones life is directly in danger - as in a armed robbery etc. So most jobs are code blue (no xmas lights) and they drive around at night speeding heavily running reds to get to jobs that aren't deemed lights and sirens worthy, such as regular domestics etc
  16. No, my bike is camouflaged as a truck (I work for a transport company)