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Cooling vest

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. anyone seen or tried this vest, looks like an idea for those very hot days


    Ebay link here
  2. Never seen it before, interesting read tho.

    Not sure that it would last 3 days as they say!!! Maybe a few hours at the most...
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  4. Hey Goz,

    I haven't used this particular version, but I've been involved in some trials that my work did on similar vests in the last few years. The "magic" gel type vests were complete rubbish. We found that the cooling effect was negligible, it increased exertion because you have more weight hanging off you, and they chaffed as well as interfered with the normal process of sweat evoporating off the skin.

    The vests made of various gels and synthetic matierals that you freeze and wear actually did work quite well (not withstanding the discomfort and weight penalty). Unfortunately, unless you had the ability to change them every 20 minutes, it was a waste of time and effort. Particularly as the re-freezing time was significantly longer than the usable period, which meant you'd need four or five vests for each person. I believe they are used quite successfully in some sports, but I suppose that's because they can afford all of the vests and the staff to make sure the players are having them prepared for them. Not really practical for workers!

    These trials were conducted in some pretty bad temps (40+ on an ongoing basis) with very high reflected heat of the tarmac. All of the cooling vests that were trialled fell into disuse within a week.

    In the end, the only things that made a significant difference to the guys, were quality undershirts, either the 100% cotton, the 100% Merino Wool, or some of the moisture wicking synthetic products. This was true regardless of if they were worn alone, or under cotton/poly blend shirts.

    Personally, I've found "Skins" and "Under Armor" shirts are quite good for keeping cool, despite body or external temperatures. But that's been playing sport or running, I don't wear them riding.

    I reckon these cooling vests are snake oil and that you're better off investing in some quality moisture wicking t-shirts or underwear. Also, I've been very happy since I invested in a mesh jacket. I know they are not as safe as leather, but lets face it, if the alternative is t-shirt and shorts.......:roll:

  5. good review pak, thanks mate, ill keep the money in the bank then :)