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Cooling system

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by NathansIntruder, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Hi guys,
    I have an 87 Vulcan 1500 and after a few minutes idling the fan doesnt come on. the water pump casing gets hot but still no go. is this normal - am i not waiting long enough or have i got a broken fan?
    Thanks, Nathan

  2. How much is a few minutes?

    Do you have a heat guage? What does it indicate or is it perhaps damn cold where you are?
  3. Might take a while to warm up if you arwant just idling from cold start. Take it for a spin to warm up the engine. Once stopped if it still doesn't turn on after a couple of minutes then your fan might be faulty. Do you have a warning light for overheating?
  4. What are you doing sitting around idling? The fan only comes on when the engine is getting TOO hot, it's not supposed to run all the time.
  5. What am I doing? Spending every damn minute until I get off my #$%^&* R-Date doing my bike up. So I cant go for a spin, she has to sit in my shed! Going crazy!
  6. No warning light for overheating and I cant take her for a spin as Im still on my R-date...
  7. it is 8 degrees outside... i thought if the water pump casing was too hot to touch it might be too hot, i am just scared of cooking her before i get to ride her... no heat gauge either...
  8. Thanks guys, your comments gave me the confidence to let her idle a bit longer, with the result that the fan came on! Thanks heaps you made my evening!
  9. too hot to the touch may be 60deg.
    fan should come on maybe 90deg or so?

    depending where the fan temp sensor is (pre/post thermostat), the fan may be more or less likely to come on while stationary.

    worry later :) (or get IR thermometer and check real temps)
  10. thx mate its all good, after a few comments here i was inspired to idle it for longer and the fan came on so its all good...
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  11. The fan won't run all the time. In fact, with a well designed cooling system, the fan should hardly ever kick in.

    I'm not familiar with the Vulcan specifically, but on the water-cooled bikes I do have extensive experience of (BMW K100s from the same sort of era as your Kwak) I can offer the following observations.

    Starting from cold and just being left at the normal idle, the fan wouldn't come on for a very long time indeed. Long enough for me to get bored and stop bothering to wait anyway.

    Holding a fast idle (say 2000 rpm, but this was in I4 remember, so the equivalent for your big twin would be a bit less) the fan would eventually kick in but it would still take a few minutes.

    In normal riding the fan would never kick in whilst moving, even in 40+ degrees. At lights (bearing in mind I always filter and so never sit for more than one cycle) the fan would never kick in during winter, sometimes came on in spring and autumn and, even in 40+ in summer would require a couple of minutes of stationary idling to get it to switch on.

    So, whilst I can't definitely say that your fan doesn't have anything wrong with it, I wouldn't be panicking just yet.

    And now I read the whole thread, I see you've got it sorted.