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cooling system check/shop recommendation

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by flexorcist, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. hey, sorry if it's in the wrong section.... question is at the end of my post

    i burnt my face today. i slightly unscrewed my thermostat to release the pressure and try another... dad said, "oh yeah should be right now". next minute f'n bang. right in my (now very f'n sore) eyes. just to rub salt, it was as i said "nah don't f'n do it yet i'll take it to a shop", and was standing up.

    now because I'm poor, I get discount (thanks netrider for 1), on parts at 2 places. should i take it to Evolution Yamaha where I bought the bike, or am I better off with Race Replica Kawasaki, seeing as it's a kawasaki.

  2. Race Replica Bro. Talk to Troy in Spares and see if he can introduce you to the workshop (if you need it). Mention that you're a mate of mine.

  3. Give kon a ring at high octane motorcycle in thomastown :grin:
  4. sweet as, will do. think they'd charge a packet to put a manual fan switch on for me?? i know i could do it myself, but myeh, if at first you don't succeed, pay someone qualified to do it.
  5. Why do you want to override the automatic fan operation?

    I've run vehicles with manual fans and it's awfully easy to forget to switch 'em on until you find yourself in your own little sauna :shock: .

    If you want the fan to cut in earlier, it might be worth hunting down a thermostatic switch with a lower threshold.

    Or at least ensure that the manual switch is wired in parallel with the auto, so that if you forget, the fan will still do its stuff as it does at the moment.
  6. From my experiance he will look after you as there a genuine lot out there :grin: