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Cooling GPX 250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Denis, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Hey.
    I have recently bought a imported Kawasaki GPX 250 1993 model. After a short trip i noticed that the temp Gauge was showing that the bike was over heating. I was just wondering what everyone thinks of this and weather this is a costly repair.


  2. First - welcome to the site!

    Second, some questions:
    - What were the conditions you were riding in? Open road (no traffic)? Is it hot where you are (where are you?)? Did you do lots of stop/go?
    - Sorry to ask this, but - are you a new rider, and if so did you have a tendency to rev high when the clutch was not engaged (i.e. when clutch held in), perhaps when starting off? This can cause heat build-up (it did when I was first on my old fzr250)
    - How high did the guage actually get - did it get into the red zone, or did it jsut get near the red zone?

    That last question I ask because some bikes (and the gpx may be in this category) will not have their fans turned on until the dial almost hits red. So perhaps you didn't get the heat high enough for the fan to start.

    If it was in the red - was the fan running? Something else to check... If not then the fix may be quite simple. If the fan was running, then the problems may be related to the temperature guage (being incorrect), the coolant/radiator may be blocked somehow.

    Which raises something else - does your bike have adequate coolant? And is the coolant a nice bright green? If not, then this may be a simple and easy fix.

    So, to put that in order - check coolant -> check if fan runs (assuming guage hits red) -> then consider other things. (this is in order of cheapest/easiest to more expensive)

    Most times a problem like this will be relatively simple to fix.
  3. I used to ride a GPX250. It did run hotter than you would have expected though and the fan came on less than seemed to make sense. On some days - hot days, the thing ran very hot but it never seemed to effect the bike that much though.

    If you're actually in the red, then probably best to do what Boz says.


  4. I ride a ZZR250 (same engine although not sure of the differences in cooling systems). The highest I've seen it go up to was six tenths way. And I've heard the fan come on somewhere there.