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Coolest small bike (under 250cc)?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Marx, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. No. Power, engine capacity & grunt will always be cool.

  2. Yes. There are works of art in small bikes.

  3. Don't know. I'll just sit on the fence on this one.

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  1. Lots of riders on this forum, most who own bikes 250cc or larger. With a majorty, and I don't think I'm going out on a limb here, are dreaming of or working towards a large (or largest) capacity motorcylce in a particular class they can afford.

    So, for all the big bike owners out there, what would you think is the coolest small bike under 250cc?
    (249cc don't count) :wink:

    [Topic might have been posted before, as I do realise that there is no such thing as an original idea]
  2. Honda CT110 is the coolest smaller capacity bike.
  3. rs125_4.
    Aprilia RS125 ('98)


    Honda Dream 50


    Honda Monkeybike?


    Gilera Cx125
  4. For a small jockey, the RS125 is very cool indeed. Not so much for beefy mofos like me, though.
  5. But actually, I'd say the WR250R


    I hear they go like a shower of the proverbial. And bloody good service intervals too.
  6. I think the question was <250, not &le;250

    Edit: buggrit, no html on this forum. That second one is a 'less than or equal to' sign. I think the OP is asking about *under* 250, not including 250.
  7. Damn straight, loved mine :D
  8. I reckon these are cool (Sachs Madass 125)


    And these too (Husqvarna SM125 supermoto)

  9. I love the DT175. The perfect dirt bike? Bunch more fun than a 250 4-stroke. Not as frightening as a 250 2-stroke.


    First dirt bike to use a mono-shock dontchano.
  10. *edited for picture limit*

    And these (Triumph Tiger Cub Trials 200)


    And these are super cool (Benelli 125 Sport Special)

  11. Yamaha XT225 (and way back to the XT200). Lighter than dual purpose 250's at the time with a bullet-proof and grunty little engine. Low seat but decent suspension travel. Stupidly easy to ride anywhere, cheap and huge fun, even for an owner of much bigger bikes. As fun as a DT175 I had, but much happier to plod around and better on fuel.

    Has recently grown to 250, so only earlier models qualify here. But the 2008 and on XT is a top little looker too - http://www.hollywoodmotorcycles.com/html/xt250.html
  12. Ah, my bad.

    Suzuki AG200!
  13. rs250 and rs125.

    very PURE bikes
  14. Tiger Cub would go well next to the big Tiger, I think. Good for practicing my trackstands on too. ;)
  15. don't know about cool but most fun bike I've had is my ct110.

    What other bikes can you go flat out 4 wide around a corner,pegs scrapeing, grabbing the rack of the bike next to you pulling it back / you forward and crashing into the bike on the other side and not come off... and still be doing 20 k's under the speed limit and on tyres not much wider than a mountain bike pushie :) :)

    If you do crash, pick it up, kick it a few times to straighten it out and away you go again.

    try doing that on a rs125... :p :p :p
  16. i like small singles. theyre all cool
  17. Almost any small Italian bike from the late 50's and early 60's is ultra cool.

    1962 Ducati 125


    1957 MV Agusta CSS (Disco Volante)

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  18. HRC RS125R


    40rwhp & 86kg fully wet.