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Coolant puddles... overflow in traffic! How can i stop this

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by davey_87, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. Hey guys

    I have a 07 gix750 and ive been riding it around for a few weeks now.

    when ever i'm in traffic, and my temp reaches the 105 mark. i find that my bike drops coolant. usually it takes a couple of traffic lights with the fan on before it starts happening.

    The coolant reservoir bottle fluctuates, from full to half full.

    Couple of questions
    1) at what temp and duration will heat be doing damage to my bike?
    2) is this over flow/ coolant dump supposed to happen?
    3) what should i do to stop this from happening? if q2 is No.

    i have tried burping it, but its not going away. my bike is the only bike that ever does it out of my friends that ride in the same conditions (5 -10 other bikes)

    Any help would be much appreciated

  2. mmm, the coolant bottle finds its own level according to how much coolant is needed by the motor. I think you're filling it right to the top when it doesn't need to be, and the motor is pumping out the excess.....
  3. I agree.

    If it's overfull, it will spit some out every time it gets hot. Are you filling it up again after it over flows?
  4. Yup, just let it overflow then don't top it up.
  5. +1
    Monitor it, You'll prob find it will settle at a certain level
  6. I would start by trying to find out if this is normal or common. I would be especially interested to know if an identical model sits at a similar temperature in the exact same conditions.

    It's not beyond the realms of possibility that it's a thermostat issue (ie. it opens too late, only partly, or not at all) causing the motor to run hotter than ideal. 105 degrees seems unlikely to do serious damage to me, but it does seem a little high. Again, Ask some workshops, mates etc. Another possibility is a weak radiator cap (if it has one - not all bikes do) that releases coolant when it is unnecessary to do so, or an inaccurate/busted sensor that allows it to get too hot (unlikely if the fan comes on).
  7. Over a normal ride. When you get home let the bike cool.
    Level the bike on a rear stand etc and if the coolant is between the high and low levels you're fine.
  8. the guys i ride with have similar bikes, and my temp is usually 1 or 2 degrees hotter and it gets to that temp quicker.

    i have put on a newer radiator cap. I refilled the radiator and bottle when i changed the radiator cap, and burped it. since then in the 4 times ive riden it, it has leaked once and a couple of times ive noticed dried up coolant on the fairing, i have never refilled the radiator or the bottle since i put the new cap on.

    i guess ill have to leave it, and hope it finds its happy place.
  9. Hi davey_87,

    Nice choice of wheels dude ;) After my fan's been on, sometimes several times during a warm ride, I've never spotted any coolant fluid leakage. As others have said, perhaps your coolant level is overfilled ? Are you topping it back up on completion of your ride/s ? I'd maybe get a mate/s together back at yours and crosscheck your coolant level with theirs after your ride.. Might help in troubleshooting :cool:
    If in doubt, have it looked at.
  10. heat expands stuff. the coolant in the radiator expands as it gets hot, and flows into the reserve. as it cools it sucks it back in. if you fill the reserve up to the full mark, the stuff in radiator heats ups, and enters the reserve which is full and then leaks out the overflow pipe onto the ground.
  11. i took my bike out to my mechanic last night, and he said the same thing and to leave it. he checked that it was all connected up right and that i shouldn't loose anymore coolant once it settles.

    the bike didn't get anywhere near the temperatures of when i had troubles, but the fan did turn on once. No coolant dribbles, which is good enough for me.

    Thanks for the replies tho guys! much appreciated.

    so.... does anyone know how much this bike relies on the coolant to keep the temps down, would riding with no coolant at all damage? i was thinking of making some sort of radiator guard to keep the stones away.
  12. No coolant is very bad

    When your engine runs the coolant will be keeping the temp stable. Coolant is more efficent at removing heat then just water is. Oh also coolant has anti-rust properties.
    Without it your engine can over heat and you get a nice size bill.
  13. Well it seems like you have fixed the problem with a newer radiator cap, which will be holding a higher pressure in the coolant system, and therefore keeping the coolant inside the system.

    However, keep an eye on it. A small leak in a head gasket, which perhaps only occurs when the bike is given a work out, will introduce hot gases into the coolant system at high pressure, which can result in overflows from the system. It can also introduce bubbles of gas into the system, which means less coolant in contact with hot parts of the engine, which can mean the engine isn't being cooled and gets hot. Worse, if the temperature sensor is sitting where a gas bubble is, the increased temperature won't be read properly, and worse yet, if the thermostat is in a gas bubble, it wont open allowing flow of coolant around the engine. Then the engine just boils all the coolant and suffers long term damage.

    A newer radiator cap with a stronger spring can mask the above issues, for a while.

    Water cooled engines can have so many things go wrong. I'll stick to my air cooled V-twin thanks. :grin: