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Coolant Problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Dashy, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Hey all. Just having a few problemo's with my bike atm... I have a 2010 GSX650F, and it only has about 25,000km's on it... It's run perfectly for the last 25,000kms and hasn't missed a beat... Until now...
    Last weekend, i saddled up and went for a spin down to Wodonga (about an hour and a half from here) to visit some family. Went straight along the Olympic highway. The most boring and flat road around lol. When i arrived, i noticed there was coolant coming out of my overflow hose. "No problem" i think, as it was hot, and i thought it was just the coolant reservoir doing it's thing letting some coolant out as i had the bike serviced recently by a local Suzuki dealer. So i left it and didn't think much into it. The next day I rode home. The same boring, straight bit of road. When i arrived home and pulled into my driveway, I noticed more coolant on the ground (out of my overflow hose again) as i got off the bike. WTF? Coolant reservoir still full, so we're all sweet.

    I rode into work on Monday and Tuesday (about a 15 minute ride, and i always let the bike warm up for about 5 minutes before i take off), and noticed my thermo fans came on on my way home and back into work from lunch. Which again was fine, as it was hot. It does this quite regularly as i approach the end of my trip. Now here's where the penny dropped. The next morning as i rode into work, in the cold, my fans came on again. This had never happened before in the morning. I'd had a clear run all the way in, no lights, didn't have to stop at intersections or anything. So i decided i better check that at lunch. Well i got home, and as i was pulling into my driveway, for the first time ever my temperature warning light came on (The F's don't have a temp gauge, they just have a warning light that comes on when they get too hot). So i stripped the rear fairing down to have a look and found that there was still coolant in the reservoir. So i took the fuel tank off to do a better check (the geniuses at Suzuki put our radiator cap under the fuel tank, just for convenience sake :D), took the cage back in and left it to cool down in my car hold till i came home from work to check the level. I got home and went and had a look. She's dry. Not completely dry, but enough to cause alarm. I took all the fairings, topped her up, gave it a shake and squeezed the pipes to get rid of any air in the pipes etc and let her run till it got hot to see if i could find a leak of any sorts. Nothing. It ran, it got hot, the thermo's came on, the thermos cooled it down and did their bit, they turned off. Ran like it should. No leaks at all. I did however notice this, so i made a video of it. th_DashBubbles. It didnt go for the entire time, but when it got hot it started...

    I'm hoping it's something simple like they didn't bleed it properly at the dealers etc or something simple like that. The thing is though, I''d done about 1500 k's since they serviced my bike, up in the hills and around town etc and it hasn't had a problem till just recently. I've changed the radiator cap in case it had a little leak, and am going out to have a good long ride after i knock off here at work to see if it stops the problem. The coolant isn't oily, and the oil isn't milky, and the bubble flow isn't governed by my engine revs or anything like that, so it's not a head gasket...

    Just wondering if anyone else has seen anything like this or has any suggestions?
  2. Your post got pushed into Auto moderation Dashy because you only have a low number of overall posts. I have pushed it back to public.

    Check the hose where it joins the reservoir where you can see the bubbles. Is their a spilt or is the hose clamp allowing air to enter and possibly fluid leak out when it is hot. Good luck.
  3. Hey Chris, thanks mate. Just checked the bike after taking it for a ride with the new cap... It's empty again. I just checked those hoses for any problems too, and can't find any problems. It's not leaking onto the engine, it's just all leaking out the overflow. It seems that once it gets hot, it goes into the reservoir and gets sucked out my overflow hoses, as there is coolant all up my back tyre from where it's been running out onto the ground whilst i was riding..
  4. I sounds like coolant is boiling and then being vented by the overflow. I am not really too familiar with bike cooling systems so I am shooting in the dark.
    • Thermostat stuck closed perhaps.
    • Blockages in the radiator meaning inadequate cooling.
    • Filler caps not sealing properly.
  5. I'd say that there is a problem with either the radiator cap, or the seat that it sits on in the filler neck. It's hard to see from your vid, but it looks like the coolant is venting straight past the lower or pressure seat. The cap actually seals in 2 places. The smaller lower one holds the pressure in the radiator, and the top one ensures the coolant flows into the overflow tank, and not onto the ground. For some reason, your cap seems to not be sealing or pressurizing the system, and pumping the coolant into the overflow tank. Check that there is no damage to the smaller deeper seat in the filler neck. Also double/triple/quadruple check that you do indeed have the correct cap, and it is fitted correctly. Some will only fit correctly one way. 180 degrees or 1/2 a turn out and they won't fit properly.
    Only my 2 cents mind you. Hope it helps.
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  7. You could have a leak in the cooling system somewhere and its sucking in air.

    It could possibly be a very small pin hole in a hose, a seal in the waterpump...

    You need to pressure test the system to find it.
  8. Holy ****. Thanks for scaring the life out of me NK lol. There could be a problem in any one of those parts. I've sort of tried everything I think i can do here at home. I double checked the radiator cap Roarin, it's exactly like the one that came with my bike... And the housing the cap fits in to looks fine, to my untrained eye... I'm starting to think Mike could be right. I've checked all of the lines that i can physically get too, I've changed the cap, checked the reservoir bung for cracks or leaks... All i'm doing is wasting coolant and time i think. Because the bike was serviced so recently, i think I'm well within my rights to go and ask for a checkover from the dealer who did it. If it's something I've done wrong, or neglected to do that's caused an issue, I'll cop paying for it, but as I've done nothing and had the bike serviced professionally at the correct intervals, i reckon I've got good grounds to have it covered by Suzuki's unlimited Km 2 year warranty. And if a pressure test is what's required, i don't want to go ****ing with that sort of thing lest i do somehow void its warranty...