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Coolant Leaking, Vtr250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by magin, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. So today I was changing the oil on my VTR250.

    It was the first time I had attempted this, but it all seemed very simple, besides getting that soft metal washer off the sump plug that had been squished onto the threads.

    Anyway... I put a new oil filter in, holding the part with paper towel.

    Afterwards I noticed a small greenish-blue stain on the paper towel (less than five cent piece sized). Figured it was probably coolant and checked over the bike (I am a complete mechanical noob). I wiped around the bike with some white paper towel, and discovered about a droplet of coolant on what I believe is the water pump cover (left hand side of the bike... a thick hose from the radiator connects to it).

    I am pretty sure that the coolant wouldn't have come from anywhere else than this cover. All the hoses seemed intact, and it was only about another droplet that I discovered with paper towel. I had wiped over the hoses and about the other parts of the bike with paper towel looking for a leak.

    Checked the reservoir and the coolant level was normal. I can't remember what it was last time I checked, but it was near the upper limit this time.

    Is one droplet of coolant maybe a harbinger of doom? Could my bike suddenly loose all of its coolant very suddenly? By the way, if using white paper towel to show up coloured liquids is not a commonly used technique... it seems to work very well!

    I am just wondering, how urgent does this need to be fixed (eg. should I not ride the bike at all before getting it seen to) and are there some simple things that I could possibly do to fix it myself?
  2. A couple of drops is usually not life threatening. sometimes it can be just a hose clamp that needs tightening a little. Keep riding your bike & see if you can pinpoint exactly where it's comming from. Often a drop of coolant on the bottom of the cover doesn't mean the cover is leaking at the bottom, because fluids usually run to the bottom from somwhere else. Sometimes you need a torch & magnifying glass to track its origin.
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  3. A few drops of coolant isn't a big deal.

    When you're trying to pinpoint the leak, pay special attention to any metal pipes running into the engine. These harbour o-rings behind them, which tend to be the first components to fail. Remove the pipes and replace the o-rings if they are leaking.

    If your water pump is indeed the source of the leak, then you need to take off the cover and replace the gasket behind it. Drain the coolant first if you don't want to make a big mess. But be very careful with the screws holding the cover on, especially on the underside of the pump. If coolant has leaked at any time during the bike's lifetime, it may have made its way into the threads and caused the bolts to seize through corrosion. If that's the case, they may break when you try to loosen them, which is a problem I have the great displeasure of having to deal with at the present time.

    Also be aware that just because there has been a small leak, doesn't mean that the leak is still occurring Sometimes small leaks will disappear on their own accord.