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Coolant leak

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Mike9999, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    Just took my Ninja (2009 250R; ~12,000km) out for a clean today. As I wheeled it out of the garage I noticed spots of green fluid dripping along the floor very sporadically. Took off the right side fairings to inspect the coolant tank which looked ok (coolant level was hovering just above the LOW line). Looking around the headers, there were coolant drops all over the inside of the left hand lower fairing, and coolant seemed to have pooled a little on the bottom at the plastic grommets that join the left and right side fairings at the bottom of the bike.

    The 'spray' of coolant around this left area made me think that something had burst, but I couldn't see anything obvious. Anyone else had this happen to them before?

  2. Someone knocked your bike over recently : ) ? Coolant overflow line going somewhere silly?

    A coolant leak/spill should be easy to trace. With 12000ks, its more than likely something simple. Oh, and coolant could go anywhere, so don't just look around the 'spray'
  3. Thanks for the reply Rip. Hasn't been knocked over recently too my knowledge lol. The bike's booked in for its 12000km service this weekend, I'll mention the problem to them when I bring it in and we'll see what happens, but yeah, hopefully something simple :)
  4. Yeap, something simple. A rock had put a hole in the radiator :s $100 fix + getting a radiator guard. Lucky it didn't overheat with all the cone practice this morning ](*,)
  5. Sounds like a radiator would be a good investment then?
  6. Pretty sure he has a radiator :D - You mean a radiator guard yeah? (y)
  7. yep eactly what I was thinking but forgot to express it correctly lol
    thanks Nick :)
  8. Haha, yeap I got a radiator guard today ~$90, definitely a good investment. And it's blue aswell so that's a bit of extra bling for the Ninja (y)
  9. Hahahah.....just giving you a dig - it was obvious what you were getting at (y)

    Made me think though - the new baby is liquid cooled - hence radiator. I might invest in a radiator guard as a precautionary measure rather than wait for some damage to be done
  10. How'd you get on with your new forks Mikey?
  11. Well with a gaurd you'll never have to think in the back of your mind about tiny stones flicking up!! Buy once and peace of mind.. Especially if your front gaurd is a short one!!
  12. Well the Ninja's still at the dealer, as they don't do mechanical work on the weekend. Since uni starts on Monday i'll have to wait till i've got enough time on Thursday to go down to Mornington to pick it up. I'm expecting a big difference in handling! Next Saturday practice should be the perfect time to test the forks out (y)

    Radiator guards are a great investment, I should've gotten one earlier, but oh well. I'm sure you could find some cheaper alternatives on the internet. It's worth it as to fix a small hole is ~$100, to replace a whole radiator is ~$500 :eek: