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Coolant in the Oil - top end?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Steamfrog, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Hello I have had a 2nd hand Aprilia Ebay horror story. The shop is quoting 1800 for an engine rebuild because the motor is blown and there is coolant in the oil.

    I am a noob mechanic and was wondering if this is just a top end rebuild?
    I can buy the complete kit in the uk cheaper than here and do it myself.

    Or do I need to buy the complete rebuild kit as coolant in the oil is more than a top end fix.

    P.s anyone know a good mechanic in Sydney that is cheaper than $1800 if I supply all new parts?

    Thanks in advance.

    Oops.. Bike is 2001 RS 125
  2. if its a two stroke its not the top end $1800dosent sound too much if they do the job properly
  3. The only way coolant can get into the oil on a 2 stroke is through the waterpump seal. About an hour to 2 hours work and maybe $10 in parts. Someone's pulling your chain. What do you mean by "the engine is blown"? Does it still run? Or are you panicking because there's coolant in the oil?
  4. clarification $1800 sounds good for total rebuild including crank & nicoseal
  5. You're best to clarify what the quote included.

    All the work can be done by yourself if you are reasonably mechanically minded.
  6. As has been said. If that is water in the gearbox oil then the water pump shaft seal has died. That's a cheap and easy fix. If it's still running that's likely all that's wrong. Hell you could buy a whole new water pump and DIY install it and still be far better off then that laughable $1800 repair job.

    Unlike a 4 stroke engine. There's a hell of a lot less than can actually go wrong and if it does go wrong is usually a very simple fix. :)
  7. Hello everyone thanks a lot for all the great replies, very much appreciated. To answer a few questions.

    1. yes the bike still runs I rode it home from purchase it stalled a lot but I eventually got it home. I was able to hit band but it had issues idiling and on take off.

    On take off it would die like there was no power then grab and go fine it kind felt like a dirty plug as sometime when riding it would feel like there was no spark for a second or two and this was a random happening.

    2. Yeah all they said was "you have coolant in the oil, the motor has blown" I always thought a blown motor meant you could not ride it, or if you could you would know as it would sound sh*t. This sounded fine except for the idiling issues.

    I get it back tomorrow after cancelling any further work so I'll take a look and see if it's the seal... Gawd I hope so.

    Thanks everyone.

    * Edit - just ordered water pump seal from http://www.pjme.co.uk
  8. Okay then, another question. Are you certain they said "water in the oil" or did they say "oil in the coolant"? If there is oil getting into the coolant, about the only way for that to happen is a dodgey head gasket. Which could account for some of the poor running issues you're reporting. Quick check, take the radiator cap off and check for greyish sludge in the filler neck under the cap.
  9. Hi, the guy showed me a pic of the oil he said he drained, it was a light brown like iced coffee milk. He also said that he topped up the coolant and he said he could see it going down as the bike idled. I bought a complete gasket kit water pump seals from the UK last night and intend to take out the pump this weekend and have a look, I really hope it's the seals / orings gone.

    Today I went and bought a brand spankin 2011 model rs 125 with a performance pack on it. So this rs is in the garage and going to get fixed even if it kills me. It so actually idels fine now thought but I dont want to ride it yet so I'm not sure if the new sparky has fixed the issue.