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Coolant for VTR 250?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Whippet, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. My VTR250 is running low on coolant and I'm not sure if there is 'special' coolant that I need to fill it up.

    Any ideas?

    How much should I fill it? And do I need to add water also?


  2. Just get some premix stuff from ur local supercheap autobarn. Stuff suitable for aluminum radiators.

    Fill up throught the radiator cap, close the cap, run the bike for a min to let the air bubbles rise up. the open the cap and refill. Then top up ur coolant reservoir up the max line
  3. Thanks Natta, will do tomorrow.

    Cheers :grin:

  4. hi natta, i bought tectaloy 100 plus. is it safe for alluminium? do you know which premix 50/50 brand is safe for alluminium?
  5. Have on good authority that some mixes of coolant do not go well with others due to chemical reactions with various chemicals that are reactive with other mixes.

    Short term, water alone, or the same type of coolant is fine, once you have rectified the source of the leak, fill with your chosen type.
    YOu need an anti boil/anti freeze with corrosion protection, so any type just about will do.

    I use Nulon myself, everyone else has their own types. just be sure to mix at least 1/3 coolant for long term protection. Follow the label/bike manual.
  6. Correct, give the man a doughnut.

    some coolants are NOT compatable.

    1 Short term top up with water.
    2 why is it loosing coolant?? find out and FIX it.
    3 flush system out with water
    4 fill with premix coolant suitable for aluminium/alloys
  7. i think techtaloy is. It should say on the bottle. Most stuff is ally safe these days. This 50/50 stuff is rubish, the manufacturer says that to make sure u remember to add water to the coolant. Premix stuff is usually fine. If u find that ur bike doesnt cool so well, up the ratio of coolant a bit.

    Sorry i forget to write that some coolants dont mix. :nail:
    Yes some dont mix. Its usually with mixing Etheline glycol and other coolants that contain different chemicals. But its quite uncommon.

    I agree with the other 2. water, find the leak, then flush the whole sytem.
  8. in the manual it says not to use coolants with silicates in them as they can damage the seals. i use nulon. works fine. dont buy premix, most of the time its only 30% coolant. no good. if you are a real fusspot, there is a special honda brand of coolant for honda bikes, buy that if in doubt.