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coolant for 08 ninja250r

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ibanezboy21, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. hi everyone,

    just wondering if i could mix different coolant with each other, wil it stuff up the bike?

    when i dropped my bike, half the coolant came out so i need to refill it again, i went to my local bike store and brought one (Mobil Antifreeze) so my question is should i flush the old coolant out and use this one can i just mix it?

    note: this bike is pretty new (only 134kms on the clock) so i dont really want to flush out the coolant yet
  2. The only variation between coolants is the concentration. Mix it too the bike manufacturers recommendations and all will be fine.
  3. I'd FLUSH it as best as you can. Then use a good quality coolant ( I use Motul ) and STICK with it.

    I don't recommend mixing coolants mate, I've seen first-hand what some combinations do to alloys in engines over a period of time :shock:
  4. Mixing Green with Green or Red with Red shouldn't be a problem. It's if you combine those 2 you may have a problem
  5. hmmm.. im using the mobil brand, is that good?
  6. Yeah, it's ok
  7. It's begucking Ethylene Glycol.

    Make sure the concentrate is listed, after that it's all the same.

    The only thing you risk by mixing red with green is a biatch slap from Queer eye for the Straight Rider.

    Don't muck around with Propylene Glycol. The Ethylene Glycol is the best unless you are drinking it.
  8. alrite guys, im gonna refill it this weekend, if anything happens to my ninja i know where to find you guys :evil: :p
  9. If only life were like that.

    In general red coolants use an Organic Acid Treatment (OAT) and the blue/green/yellow ones ethylene glycol. They are completely different chemistries and as someone else alluded earlier, are prone to reacting with each other if mixed and engine damage is likely.

    Mobil from memory is ethylene glycol.