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Cool yet Dry.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by JuzzyDee, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Howdy Folks,

    Hoping someone with some experience can help me out, cause all google is returning is mesh jackets with obligatory "waterproof" liners. If it's anything like my current jacket, they do squat.

    So the wet season is fast approaching, and it doesn't look like I'll have my car on the road, that means 30c+ temps with 100mm+ of rain in a day. So far I've had lots of luck finding either

    a) Summer jackets that keep you from keeling over in the heat.


    b) Waterproof jackets that are designed for antarctic expeditions.

    Now the tropics aren't a new thing, there's plenty of places the world over where heat and intense rain are coupled together, surely there is a product out there to suit those conditions?

    If anyone knows of a solid waterproof jacket that won't have me wetter from sweating it out when I arrive at work than had I just ridden in the rain, I'd be very keen to hear of it.

  2. I would just throw a single layer raincoat over the top of your protective gear.

    Waterproof will always mean your evaporated sweat will form an atmosphere around your body, and generally be uncomfortable.

    Sure you dont want to bail on the bike and get in a nice dry air-conditioned car?
  3. I wouldn't mind it on some of the heavier days, but after buying two bikes in 3 months I just can't justify putting $3k into an engine rebuild on a crappy old lanos, and I don't think I can spare the cash to put a new car on the road for the same reasons stated above.

    I've got a dririder one piece rain suit, but damn it gets hot in there! It's thick heavy waterproof material, near killed me wearing it for a half hour the other day.
  4. Mesh jacket over a t-shirt with the clothes you want to keep dry in a waterproof bag?
  5. Of course anything waterproof won't have ventilation to keep you cool. Goretex (Tiger Angel, Dainese) might help a bit with coolmax shirt underneath. What PatB said makes sense.
  6. Sounds good I guess, the rain is warm and pleasant, so why fight it ey.

    If it gets really really heavy might have to swallow my pride and take a bus
  7. I wear a Dririder Climate control 2 usually. It will do for light rain as it dries out quickly but if I am going to get wet I throw on a set of Motodry pants and jacket over everything. I haven't cooked yet and I live in Townsville. Even in the tropics the rain can get cold though, (if you ride fast enough!)
  8. what patb said - agree 1000%.

    don't ever resort to the bus - you'll regret it all day lol (i had to a few times and it just put me in a very bad mood!)
  9. goretex is the only material that can do that.
    some rider apparel incorporates it, but big dollars
  10. Try Motodry brand. I have one of their half mesh textile jackets with a waterproof liner, which does actually keep the rain off (and heavy rain, too). Take the liner out and its cool enough to wear even during a Qld summer. Ok so I'm a girl, but if they have this range for women, then I'm sure they have something similiar for guys too. (I bought mine locally.)