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Cool, protective, casual pants which don't look retardo?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by jekyll, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. I wear gloves, boots and jacket every time I ride (even the 2 minute trip to the local shops).

    The thing I have trouble with is jeans / pants. Draggin Jeans ( ~AU$200 ) are pretty ugly as far as jeans go, the kevlar inserts make them heavy and hot in summer, and my current pair I wore into the ground in only a few months.

    It gets real hot in summer and it's just not going to work for me to change pants every time i jump on the bike ... so a lot of the time I just wear jeans or thin trousers.

    I love my mesh jacket .. I want the pants equivalent. A simple, casual, good looking, lightweight, breathable, incognito pair of protective summer pants which I can wear day in, day out and which will protect better than jeans in a slide.

    Any recommendations? I'm happy to order stuff from overseas ...
  2. :shock:
    I've only had my Draggins a month, BUT ... I LOVE EM.
    I think they look quite good and wear em whenever I can.
    Along with my Rjays Octane Mesh Jacket I''ve been quite comfy on those warm days.
    Each to their own I guess :?
  3. hey mate, what about some other variety of draggin jeans spants. I myself didnt wanna get the jeans they had at the store that i went to, so i bought some cargo pants (black) they are so comfortable, they seem sturdy cause i wear 'em all the time, and they arent too hot at all. They are good to walk around in, and are cool on the bike, while keeping you nicley warm when it is a bit chilly (f$@%@d if i know how that works). I love everything about them.

    Plus they are the same price as the jeans, so your not paying extra for the pockets and the denim.

    Cheers fingers89
  4. I recommend the traffic style jeans from draggin.

    Alot more comfy than the classics and a bit cooler too.

    I feel the heat, so much to the point i always wear a tshirt, yes all year round. So when it comes to wearing riding gear i feel the heat, and the traffic draggins are always comfy for me..
  5. I've got a pair of draggin's and a pair for hornee...

    I like them both.
  6. I am thinking of getting some Hornee Jeans as they have a better style than the draggin jeans. I have a pair of the draggin camo pants and they are awesome.

    There are quite a lot of various mesh pants that go with the jackets, you just have to look =D
  7. I have a pair of cargo draggins, a pair of classic draggins, a pair of red wold slidders jeans and a pair of joe rocket steel jeans.

    I think the classic and the red wolf protect better, specially the red wolfs because of the amount of kevlar in them.

    The other two pairs are more confy and stylish but I don't perceive them as safe. So it depends on how I feel and how I will be riding or where am I going when I decide what to wear.

  8. I've got some draggins and they are as ugly as sin. (So am I, so perhaps we match?)

    I hate cargo pants with a passion, but if they do feel lighter and a bit cooler I'll check them out next.
  9. look up icon jeans or icon superduty cargo- not as strong as draggins but at least the look decent!
    or get draggins zip off cargo- they work well in summer.. pull up at your stop, rip off the bottoms and voila- shorts :cool:

    I think its harder for em... younger men like myself who wear baggy jeans and cannot remember a time of wearing any form of pants at my waist!!!
    Draggins are more old fashioned 'classic jeans

    this is pretty comfy