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Cool or Tool?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by i_cruise, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. G'day all. I've just ordered some custom plates for my bike which say "SBK93".
    It's simply referring to the fact that the Kwaka ZXR 750 (mines a 93 model) won World Superbikes that year in the hands of Scott Russell. Cool plate? or will people think "tossa" haha.
    Anyway it's too late now because i've paid for them but it got me thinking why is the official abbreviation for World SuperBikes 'SBK' instead of 'WSB'? should i have ordered WSB93?

  2. Well, at least they're not "ZXR75" or something equally unimaginative. :wink:
  3. I don't think most people would get the reference, anyway.

    "SuperBike 93" sounds like an old Sega game :p
  4. But your sig says your Kwaka is a 94?
  5. She was built in 93' sold in 94'
  6. Interesting reference, but personalty im against anything that makes the plate easier to remember...
  7. Ah, so it was a '93 when you were buying and bargaining, will be a '94 when it's time to sell :grin:
  8. Ditto.

  9. It'll only mean something to another rider. And they won't tell :grin:
  10. people may think your name is Steve and you were born in 1993. is that you Steve ?.
  11. I personally hate personalized or "memorable" plates because because they are easier for plod to remember. I'd rather have something like KJH-783 or some other such "forgettable number.
  12. So far you're happy with and it makes you happy. :)

    I was thinking of purchasing personalised plates as well, just a month ago. It was the cost that deterred me at the end.

    I cant justify paying RTA more money as I do now for my rego, and my parking fine, speeding fines, etc.... :D

    The annual cost can be used for a trackday instead. :dance:
  13. a personal plate is a good compliment to any vehicle. If your happy with it, normal people will just think its your initials but a lot of bike owners will prob get it.

    Your Cool
  14. Hahaha pissa. It's ok though cos he can cross the 3 out and put a 4 there for the sale ;)

    Oh and yeah, i like the plate.
  15. haha ohh man... u just shut me down so hard!! lol!!!
  16. Uh oh... methinks you're going to have ALOT of opinions put on you. :p
  17. Tops!

    Being a fan of Supe, The Chief and green bikes, I say kudos to you sir!
  18. Number plates should be dirty, hard to view from any angle and difficult to remember.