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Cool / funny bike pics.

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by sir_b, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. Cool, the guy on the R6 is so effected by kissing the girl that his wheels have gone out of shape!!!
  2. Wow, that stoppie photo is...

  3. i can't believe you were looking at the bike.......

    what wheels.. matter of fact what bike :shock:
  4. Yep :) The stoppie was the whole point of the post, I just found a few more pics to flesh it out a bit :)

  5. That's it, I need another look.
  6. That first pic is....WOW...That's talent, in both regards.
  7. Might be your favourite bike, michael, but it's a DREADFUL picture!!! (photographically speaking)
  8. Yeah and the sheilas are no good, from a pervert's persective.
  9. Yeah i know, mabye i will organise my own photo shoot down at the beach in summer, any *netriders willing to pose? I promise no weird stuff :p

    * indicates netriders of the female type ONLY :wink:
  10. i didnt find any of those pictures NWS
    and i work in a hospital run by Nuns , and there fire wall blocks everything and there was nothing offensive about them.............well actually what was offense is that it wasnt me doing the stoppy and kissing the leggy blonde.
  11. Are you trying to get them to show up or not? ;)

  12. Better safe than sorry methinks.

    I hear ya ;)