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cool fact.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by russ, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. In my job I usually come across pretty interesting facts while researching for scripts, but this is by far the most interesting I've come across so I though I'd share:

    Io is a moon of Jupiter that has tides. that might not sound so interesting until you realise that Io has no liquid (water or other).
    The tides are ROCK! The gravitational interaction with Juipter and a couple of other moons creates a moving rock tide of around 100m in height.

  2. one day someone will try and surf it
  3. The Building Code must be a doozey :LOL:.
  4. Imagine getting dumped by that. Ouch

  5. they would have to be stoned. :bolt:
  6. [​IMG]

    Vid: Volcanic plumes observed by Voyager 2
  7. ...soon the wonderment of the emerging universe will be destroyed by finding bogans in a different galaxy.

    astronomers will be driven out and Flat Earth theory will return as people cry:

    if the earth is round then why do i have flat feet?

    ignorance is strength.

    that's why i go to the gym.

  8. hey MG, where did you get that text from? there is a fair bit of artistic license with the explanation they gave.

    it isn't just the interaction with Jupiter that causes the tides, if Io was alone with Jupiter, then it would not be volcanic. Io has formed a resonant orbit, two of the moons of jupiter push and pull Io causing the tides.

    also, the volcanism was never predicted because, observed from earth Io's orbit looks circular. it was only when they realised that its orbit was very slightly eccentric (0.004) that the predictions came into play.

    still, I agree with the sentiment of what is said

    I declare io awesome
  9. I know a few Geologists who I'm sure would get disturbingly excited at the though of looking at rock samples from Io - and would probably want some "alone time" with drill core :LOL:.
  10. I concur.

    Although, it's a shame that the pic attached looks like a forty year old golf ball fished out of a water trap.
  11. If I'm not mistaken, the Sean Connery film, Outland, was set on Io.

    Just more interesting facts on a mainly neglected moon!!