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Cool Day

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by dgmeister, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. just chillin at the track today with troy bayliss and malcolm campbell.
    the summer of dgmeister...

    great that these top level guys hang out with us riffraff down in tassie

    troy was pushing the duke HARD

  2. got any pics to share?

  3. Like family eh? ...in tassie eh?
  4. i dont think he realises there's any other way to ride.

    did you get a look at the tyres on malcolm's road bike? I remember talking to him at the pub years back, i think he was riding a GTR1400 at the time... i didn't realise who he was but it was clear he was a nutter lol.
  5. ^ i don't think they had any wear on the middle of the tyre, the sides were rooted he was on a shiny black fireblade. Malcolm lives in launceston i think, so he turns up at the track most of the time. don't know much about pics, angryman photography on facebook should have some up within a few days, other than that: google. thought bayliss would just do parade laps but he was kaning, watching from the pits he would come out of the corner with the bike trying to throw him off every time, then he was gone again.