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Cool Concept

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AshR1, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. http://hackaday.com/2008/10/23/motorcycle-visor-rain-disk/

    From my view of what's happening in the video, the disk makes some air disturbance that breaks up the water that's near it on the visor :)

    could be good with a bit of refinement but as it says it's a Proof of Concept.

  2. I vote no. can't see it wroking...
  3. Brilliant.

    I think we should all wear them.

    Even better, let's make them compulsory.

  4. it seems the key to the design is a flat plane of glass, within which to spin a flat disk. Unfortunately, it would be a hard sell to sell motorcycle helmets with a flat visor... Not to mention some may have an issue with a disc spinning a centremetre away from their nose. It's a nice idea though, and if it works for the designer, that's great. the only other issue would be fugging beneath the disc, and droplets getting behind while at the lights; I'm just waiting for someone to come out with a helmet with a little bmw headlight sized windscreen wiper, that will run on a few AA batteries...
  5. It was done back in the fifties. I've seen old ads for the "Turbovisor" and even met a bloke who owned a couple. Reckoned they worked really well but didn't last very long.
  6. Yeah it would work, as it sais in the text, it is a tried and true method used on ships for years, it’s still a dumb idea for a motorcycle helmet
  7. Once an item has a moving part, you introduce multple points of failure. Just use rainex. does teh job.
  8. :deal:


    I don't know how you do it!
  9. if you ride fast enough the rain drops will remove themselves :)
  10. All I want is a little squeegee that straps onto my left glove. So whenever I get too many droplets, I just have to wipe the back of my hand across my visor.
  11. exactly like what's on my snowboard gloves?

    or something like this? (just found it)
    $14 not a bad idea
  12. That's a gutted CD transport mechanism with one of the blank, clear protector discs that come on the bottom of a bulk spindle of discs.
  13. Yeah. Just like snow gloves but for motorcycling.
    Sown on the glove or permanently strapped there but not in the way of normal glove use.

    Not bad at all. Guess it's a little odd having this separate lump that you have to stick on your finger when the rain clouds come though.
  14. So you make a prototype that doesn't do anything at all, and then say give me time and it'll work a charm?
  15. Umm, my winter gloves have a squeegee on the thumb of the left hand for wiping the rain off the visor. They are RST.
  16. yay Ktulu.
  17. Ever tried rain-x on your visor ?.............

    Excellent product

  18. I don't get it. :? Why in the fcuk would anyone want a magic disk that creates a rainstorm over your helmet??? It's fcuking stupid. :?

    Initially I thought it might be designed to clear the water (or at least some of it) off the visor but the video proved that theory wrong.
  19. Just use ultrasonics to clear the rain.