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"cool" bands that I think are crap

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by edgelett, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. I constanly get abuse for being a musician who doesn't like some of the "cool" bands out these days.

    Let me tell you who I can't stand & why...

    Wolfmother: that clown with the Guy Sebastian afro has a TERRIBLE voice! he sounds like belinda carlisle! & their music is even more boring live than it is recorded. I've tried to like them, but they shit me to tears. Very boring band.

    The Killers: I bought their first album because I liked "somebody told me". worst $30 I ever spent. I gave the CD to a friend cause I couldn't stand it. again, another band that is terribly boring to listen to. Their second album should be named "songs that were too shit to fit on to Bat Out Of Hell III" cause they all sound like meatloaf songs gone wrong. Nope - pass.

    The Grates: another aussie band i can't bear. I mean what the hell kind of a chorus is "19/20/20"??? their music sounds like it was written by my 6yr old nephew. I just don't get them. Perhaps I'm becoming uncool. But I really don't understand what people like about this band.

    Personally I much prefer Eskimo Joe. And no i didn't just jump on the "black fingernails" bandwagon, I've got every release they did since "sweater". Been to see them live over 10 times.

    So tell me your "cool" band confessions - what happening bands can't you wait to see the back of?
  2. Most main stream stuff annoys me so I won't even start listing them. I will however second Wolfmother. To me the singing just sounds like ozzy osbourne, and I've heard enough of him to last me a life time :D
  3. Ah but do these 15-minute wonders sound better to an audience doped up to the eyeballs on ice or ecstasy???
  4. I'm neither doped up, juiced up or stoned and I happen to like Wolfmother, they aren't another ballad singing pulp pop band or "anything sounds good in harmony" frigg'n boy band, but then again I did cut my teeth on Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Cream, Madderlake and Pink Floyd, etc.

    The joker and the thief..... good beat, scream'n vocals .. luv it.

    p.s. they must be doing something.. they making heaps o money..
  5. Boy Bands give me the shits, can't stand them they should all be offered as a sacrifice to Alice Cooper :demon:

    yeah I'm with you on Wolfmother, blah boring cliched rock 'n' roll.
  6. I'm also with you on Wolfmother, sound like a poooor mans cover band trying to sound like Led Zeppelin.
    Ozzy even when totally ripped sounds better than them
  7. IMHO The Rogue Traders take the cake for stupid lyrics and ripping off bits from other songs...whatever happened to originality?
  8. I have two friends who absolutely LOVE wolfmother and neither of them take drugs of any kind, and one of them doesn't even drink alcohol.
  9. Cant agree more. I figure there just the Jet of 2006. Over hyped and over rated for re-inventing the wheel so to speak.

    Some other bands I cant stand:

    Good charlotte, SUM 41, AFI - Or any other pop/punk, emo whatever the hell they call it, band. As Eddie Vedder says "it sounds like or tastes like a popsicle thats been stuck up someones arse". Yeah i dunno what that really means but its a disgrace to early punk rock. Just not my cup of tea. Long live the Buzzcocks and sex pistols.

    Coldplay- I have to admit it, they do make some pretty good music but its getting a bit tiring. Same old, same old. zzzzzzzzzz

    Live- Loved the first album but they just went softer and softer. All this stuff about dolphins crying and heaven and lighthouses makes me wanna :sick:

    Any of the Idols All bargain bin stuff. Make good drink coasters.

    All opinion of course.
  10. I love wolfmother! :D

    I hate 'PANIC! at the disco' with a passion.
  11. Tash, you've slightly misunderstood my comment. What I'm suggesting is that many bands don't care about musicality or harmony or polish because they know that many of the people listening will be drunk or drugged or both and will be in no position to discern how bad they are... So they don't try and they don't care....
  12. 90% of bands since 1990. Especially mainstram radio music.
  13. I do my best to avoid being a trend moll by waiting around to see if the hottest new thing stands the test of, oh, a few years.

    Wolfmother. Laughable. And that lame attempt at smashing their instruments at the ARIAs just proved it.

    Am also getting sick of girls with cute, squeaky voices.

    My favourite pet hate is Pearl Jam. All that mock adolescent angst. Dude is rich enough to have therapy. Go get some.

    Also hate all that Californian fake punk.

  14. Paul, pretty much all top 20 music (with the exception of teh occasional real talented band/artists that sneak in there) have been engineered to make money. Been that way since the Monkees (except teh Monkees did have some talent in there) in one form or another.
    Rogue Traders is an excellent example of this, use catchy music that people can remember, and record some drivel that appeals to your target audience over the top and cross promote it everywhere you can.
    I may be way off, but looking at the top 20 in this country these days really looks like just a list of people who paid to be there........
    I've listened to triple J all my adult life, and whilst I may hate some stuff they play, at least I give it a go and hear a lot of other great stuff in the meantime.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. I opted out about 6 years ago and found a radio station called "Golden Days FM" where everyone who works at the station, including DJs, are over 65.

    It makes me so happy to listen to those old scratched up swing and classical records, with the grannies talking in between. It's a hoot.

    Apart from the odd Golden Days tune-in I don't like listening to music really these days, it's all boring. I do like watching the boobies in the video clips. And I quite like making music. But then I'm a grumpy, antisocial old c*nt.
  16. I saw a Wolfmother video yesterday, and had to laugh. 1973 all over again!

    I've no idea what's cool at the moment. But my iPod's got a mix of all sorts of stuff on it, old and new(ish). No boy bands or Idol rejects though. :evil:

    Stuff I quite like at the moment:

    Machine Gun Fellatio
    White Stripes
    Mars Volta (I think - I need to check out more of their music)
    Hilltop Hoods (there's some very clever stuff happening in their music)
    Coldplay (not "X&Y" though)

    But also:

    Ella Fitzgerald
    The Who
    Early Elton John stuff
    The soundtrack to the Ken Burns series "Jazz"
    Pink Floyd
    Anjelique Kidjo

    Maybe we should start a "whats on your iPod" thread?
  17. Go see them live and you'll see.

    Good Charlotte and Sum41 blow goats, but (don't take this personally) that shows a complete ignorance of any of AFI's work before December Underground, maybe Sing The Sorrow. I don't like December Underground (though Miss Murder and Kill Caustic are bloody catchy.) They are a killer hardcore band, awesome live, and are continuously evolving their sound. Their sound changed a bit when Jade joined but they still remained hardcore, and made their sound even more unique. Totalimmortal such a great song. /rant. (Sorry about that, but I'm a big AFI fan and can't stand people heaping all this shit on them because of December Underground.) (Oh, and Buzzcocks and the Pistols are the original and best!)
  18. And the fact that I dont know know what December Underground is proves this ingnorance. I guess my point was that at the moment there seems to be a new band from this genre that comes out every day, with the same sounding....... feacal discharge(IMO). Perhaps AFI dont quite fit into this category and perhaps they deserve a bit more credit. Maybe Panic at the Disco or My Chemical Romance would be better placed. :bolt:

    But any band that can change and evolve and do their bit for the better of music in general is a good one in my view. Its the ones that become "cash cows" and produce the same old product just in a different wrapper that really annoy me. :mad:

    Its good to see other peoples opinions of what ticks them off and there does seem to be a trend with most. Which is the stuff that we hear on radio or mostly popular stuff, music we dont have control over listening to. Naming 'pet hate' bands does open you up to a display of ignorance because lets face it, if you hate one song your most likely not gonna want to go through there entire back catalogue just to see if they do produce something you like. :wink:
  19. did someone mention drugs alcohol and music?? count me in....

    as for music, anything idol produces is definitely OUT!
  20. I'll agree with you on Panic at the Disco - hate that band even though generally I do like emo. I don't have a problem with bands that continue to produce the same sort of music if they're doing that simply because that's the sort of music they like playing. But I do hate bands/artists that produce what they think will sell well, or try and adapt their style to become more popular/commercial. I also reckon all those responsible for creating bands/artists solely for the purpose of selling the highest number of albums to people with more money than taste should be hunted down and thrown from a cliff (ie anyone involved with Australian Idol). Music is what's performed by a band - not a singer with a backing tape or anonymous musicians.