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Cooktown/Nthn Qld in December/Jan

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by I Adore Vic, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Hey all. Is there anyone from Nthn Qld here? I'm looking at the possibility of riding up to Cooktown at the end of Dec for a couple of wks. It's no use heading up there if it's going to be absolutely stinking stuffy hot/ wet/ windy to the extreme.

    I'll be taking a partially direct route up there and not mucking about with rds in Vic/NSW (oh well, apart from Waterfall way! :grin: ) so that I can spend most of my time riding around the beautiful rds/areas of nthn Qld. I'm also keen to sit back and relax for a day or two at the Whitsundays.

    Of course all this depends on weather. I'd love an accurate picture of what the weather's like that time of yr so if anyone can help out it'd be much appreciated. :)

  2. Um, you do know it's the wet season up there at that time of year, don't you???
  3. lol..I figured that last night after looking at a few sites. Not fair! I can't go up any other time of yr cos I only get 2 wks off at XMAS. :(

    Might try for Brissy instead - a repeat of last yrs trip but with a better bike and a better rider... plenty of rds up there I missed last time too. :)
  4. I'm trying to organise a Brissy Netriders' Christmas party in early December. You'd be more than welcome to attend if it fits in with your schedule.

    BTW, I live right near the border ranges. So many great roads right in my backyard! :grin:
  5. Hey Cookee! Thanks for the invite but my trip's end of Dec/start of Jan. Those ranges you speak of sound interesting - will check them out. :)
  6. similar position to you, I get January off work... last year I done the trip up from SA to Daintree Village (100km? north Cairns) then across to Darwin and back down the centre (via Uluru) to Adelaide :grin:

    yes it was the wet season, yes it was humid, yes it was warmish, yes I'd never seen rain like it before.... but what fun :p (and bugger all other tourists around- just the way I like it!) I admit I did it in a campervan, with no air-con though, and to be honest I didn't find it as bad as I thought I would after a few days up there.... I know everyone is different etc but the wet season was one of the attractions for me, to experience what I'd heard about often enough.... glad I done it, would do it again anyday.... if only I hadn't gone and sold the camper :( not sure I'd like to do it on the bike that time of year, but never say never...... :grin:
  7. lol Wildside..you had me excited up until here :arrow:
    Sounds like you had an interesting time up there still. I'll have to give it a miss though - I'll be camping every night and don't fancy riding on wet/windy/mucky rds etc.
  8. Be sure to give me a yell when you come up. Always interested in going for a ride! :grin:
  9. D'oh, double post! :p