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cooking for one

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Garfield, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. Any tips?
    Have gone from a large household of boyzz, where cooking was easy, to cooking for two, which was mastered. Now cooking for one. What do other people do?

  2. Steak and mash and vegies.

    Lasagne and vegies.


    Salads with everything from chicken to mango to avocado thrown in.

    Basically, if you have left overs, it goes into lunch the next day or next nights dinner etc.
  3. Why not just always cook for 2 and take the other portion for lunch the next day? That's what I do and saves me a stack of effort and money.
  4. this

    or cook for 4 or 6 and freeze...

    It's hard to stay motivated to cook let alone try new things for just one, so as above, make every meal a dinner party and freeze... :D
  5. one word. BBQ!
  6. This is an art I have mastered. My missus is a vego, almost a full on one too. She wont eat meat, and she cant eat dairy. She wont even eat vego meat that tastes like meat for that very reason. I am a hardcore carnivore, so I have worked this out.

    Tip 1). make dishes that can be frozen.
    Tip 2). make dishes that can be eaten cold
    Tip 3). make simple one off dishes like steak and veg with a simple sauce or gravy
    Tip 4). save dishes like a roast that cant be done one up for when you have friends coming over.
    Tip 5). make dishes that can be also used for lunches.

    At the moment, I have in the freezer:
    irish stew.
    jamie oliver hamburgers (ie, mince, onion, egg, cumin, coriander and parmesan)
    chicken caserole
    chicken and vegie shish kebab.

    All portioned ready for reheat or barbeque.
  7. TRA .... can I come live with you and eat your food? Nom nom nom :D
  8. Problem is that its very inconsistent at my place. I am a part owner in business during that day (and night some times), then run a part time business at night/weekends doing stikers and signs. Quiet weeks like this one are great, cause it lets you stock up the freezer! Next week may be toast and frozen meals all week!
  9. i found the easiest solution when cooking just for myself is to not bother.
    but then i'm the kind of person who's always hungry but can never be bothered cooking just for me. as a result i eat a lot of ham cheese sangas....
    and for variety i toast them.....
  10. Curries, curries, and more curries.

    Thai red, green, yellow, massaman, Panang... Indian Tika, Tandoori, Rogan Josh, etc etc etc.

    If you get tired of curry you are tired of life. :)
  11. yes ,that is where I am at, but sick of it. Have the sexy fridge/freezer set up but and over the home made cassaroles/currys/soups etc, which I used to make and freeze the rest. Am looking for a new style of cooking for one......
    It is fresh stuff I crave.
  12. Salads with the lot, and steaks with mashed potato (far too easy and quick omg so delicious).

    Something fresh and delicious is vegies with honey and butter with a quarter chicken and some mashed potato.
  13. cool, but there is a bit of huntin and gatherin involved..... for one?
  14. Slow cooker meals, cook massive batches and freeze it into individual portions that way for the next week or so all you need to do is microwave and it works out healthier and cheaper than buying the microwave or cans from the supermarket
  15. Get yourself a wok.

    Stir fries are quick, easy, healthy and delicious.
  16. One of my favourite and quickest 'cuisines' to prepare. And the best part ? One can experiment, as with most cooking, with ingredients, spices, sauces giving a very tasty, easily prepared meal in minutes !

    Otherwise, for those short of time but needing a 'quick and dirty' healthy meal... steam a portion of rice (white, brown or for the super-healthy thai red rice) and cover with some spiced tuna chunks (eg chilli, lemon pepper etc), with a side portion of steamed vegies. To add flavour, sprinkle your favourite dressing/sauce atop the tuna...on this dish, my choice is always Soy Sauce....

    Learnt more than just sinking piss in Asia, ya know ! ;)
  17. cooking for one is better than cooking for 3,4,...

    try this. simple and relatively quick.

    i ****ing love it! polish this up all by myself!

    the best pasta salad

  18. I live alone and prepare all my meals from scratch - even do mashed potatoes on occasion. Stir fries are good. Planning a menu for the week also helps because you can shop in appropriate quantities and minimise waste at the same time.

    Get hold of a couple of editions of Donna Hay magazine - there are lots of ideas for quick easy meals. Scale them down for 2 and take the other portion for lunch the next day or chuck it in the freezer for next week.

    Just keep an eye on portion control coz it's very easy to eat that little bit too much just because there's not enough to store/it would be a shame to throw it out.
  19. Breakfast cereal. Adding milk makes it cooking doesn't it?
  20. Only if it's warm milk.
    But you have to be careful that it doesn't catch fire when adding the milk