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Convincing The Wife!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kruxaldifivic, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. Hello friends! I have a slight dilemma, I've wanted to get a bike for the past 9 years and my wife will not let me get one!

    It all started many, many years ago, when her brother was nearly killed when he came off his bike. The doctor told my in-laws that if he were a smaller build (like me) that he surely would have died! Now, I know for a fact that he was on a property riding around a make-shift motorcross track and that he wasn't very experienced in that genre of riding.

    All I want to do is go to work on it and go on a few rides with a few of my mates! Everyone that I talk to, that has a bike, tells me that something bad happens if you are riding beyond your experience for the conditions of the road, freak accident, etc... I've already picked my bike out, a Hyosung GT250R (don't laugh!), I've read the road rules book so many times over the past years that my friends think something's wrong with me (OCD).

    The only reason that I can come up with is that she is having twins and we only have one tin-top. And I DO NOT want to buy another tin-top!

    Please help me! Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!
  2. 1. not like riding in the city ( less traffic in dubbo)
    2. cost efficant
    3.frees up the car
    4. mid life crisis
    5. let me have a bike and i wont ask for sex every night :wink:

    arrange a harley ride for the wife , after she comes back from it , she will have a whole new perspective on riding .
    and its a special treat for her as well.
  3. What bike? Oh, that old thing. That's been in the shed for years. What the fcuk are you talking about. :? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. What wife, oh that old thing, I swapped her for a bike , cheaper, more efficient, takes up less space :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Tell her you already have a mother.. and it's not her!!

    She is your wife not your mum... It's your life do what ya want with it.. Go buy the bike ..

    have fun and stay safe

  6. Just do it, if you if you are going to live your life worying about what might happen you would be safer to not get out of bed in the morning.

    Get your bike and just be careful I have seen a lot of stuppid things both on the road and off. You just have to ride with your head and think not only what you are doing but what are the drivers of other vehicals around you doing.

    I hav alway ridden with the attitude that some bastard is going to try and kill me today and have always tried to guess 1 step ahead of all other road users.
  7. * Parents said I was going to die
    * Friends said I was going to die
    * People I just met said I'm going to die

    I GOT THE BIKE ANYWAY...now when they say the above I just say...I'LL DIE HAPPY ROFL
  8. Relationships are about give and take. Seems like there has been 9 years of give from your side... sounds like it's time for a little take :)

    Seriously... if you want a bike tell her you are going to get one and go and get it.
  9. "I was going to buy a $5000 drum kit, instead I got this bike, hope that's okay."
  10. I had the same problem 8 years ago. My significant other then of 5 years said that if I wanted to get a bike then she would leave me.

    I missed her for the first week or so but the bike made up for it!!!!


  11. :x Thats the way that I rode...then I woke up in hospital after a 3 week nap :shock:

    Despite what happened though, my desire to ride again is very strong....am copping a lot of grief from the other half and parents....and Dr's and physio's...but if I have my way, I will ride again as soon as the walking stick gets the flick :LOL:
  12. Don't know if I qualify to comment here, since I TOLD my BF "Sweetie go get your bike licece. You keep going on about how you want it, I'll get mine too."

    Maybe you could suggest to her that you both get your L's together?? Then she'd have more of an understanding of what the risks/joys are of riding a bike.

    Another thing to say is "the bike will only go as fast as my right hand allows it." that way she'll realise that you don't want to get a bike for racing but for casual riding & enjoyment.

    And with the price of petrol..."Honey, we can't afford NOT to get a motorbike!"
  13. Priceless!!!!
  14. I hear it all the time out there....'My wife won't LET me" or "maybe I'll LET him get one if he's good"

    what have they got a gun to your head? :roll:

    Remember they are with you because they want to be with you so a little thing like buying a bike shouldn't make a difference, and the threat of withholding sex doesn't last THAT long.

    Just go buy the bike, then ride out the hissy fit...she'll get over it then start worrying about something else she's not going to LET you do.
  15. I had the same prob, but got around it by buying an old bike and doing it up. She couldnt conplain about thw dollars then. Only took me 10 years now have rf600 for work and a new zx12 for play :D . keep trying good luck.
  16. As a female it shits me when I hear other females saying "How could you let your BF get a motorbike?"

    I say to them "I don't "let" him do anything. He can do whatever he likes, as long as it doesn't put us in financial strain. he's my partner, an equal half, not someone I rule over, nor is he a child or a pet to be told what he can & can't do."

    We even had one friend who said to her boyfriend "you can have a bike when I have a wedding ring on my finger." WHen they announced their engagement 6 months later I said to him "gee you must have really wanted that bike mate!"
  17. I see this shit all the time..an otherwise perfectly normal mate gets married, and all of a sudden, he has no control over his life.
    Sit down, discuss it with her. It's a PARTNERSHIP. Tell her you a going to get a bike, not abig powerful one (learners remember). Tell her it's because it wil be enjoyable for you, and as others have said, it's a cheap second vehicle. Buy the safety gear, for you as well as her. If you show you are commited to safety, it helps with them. If she stil doesn't like it, tell her you want her to stop whatever it is she does for fun right now.
    Christ, there's nothing in Dubbo apart from lots of flat roads. Not like you have cars coming at you from side streets or big hills and corners to negotiate.
    Why do men get married and think making a woman happy is doing exactly what they say, and arguments must be avoided AT ALL COSTS?
    If you let someone have control over you(male or female side of a marriage), it becomes normal behavious and wil only get worse, then you get divorced anyway, just later on.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. I'd wait till she was asleep, then sneak into her handbag and very carefully take your balls out of said handbag and scarper off to the bike shop as quickly as possible. :LOL:
  19. Mate I think there's a string tied to them with the other end tied to her finger...

    Put your foot down and GO BUY YOUR BIKE!
  20. Thanks for help guys and gals! It seems that most people that I talk to say that you must enter the relationship with a bike, and never get rid of it. If you do, you never get the chance to buy one later on down the track.

    Freeing up the old tin-top, petrol costs and me REALLY wanting a bike are my main driving forces. And there be no extra financial strains, as we can easily afford it! It's an A to B bike mainly and I'll have for a long time!

    Thanks again!