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Convincing my dad to get a bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Matt GO!!!!!!!, May 12, 2007.

  1. I finally made my intentions clear to my parents this morning

    "Mum, Dad can I get a motorbike, theres a Suzuki Across in the newspaper for only $1000.... please"

    Mum was fine she said I can do that if I want. Dad on the other hand said there is no point just keep getting the bus. I have been getting the bus for 10 years to get to work and it's fine.

    My argument is :

    1. Public Transport sucks.... slow, have to wait for others to hop in and out, have to buy a ticket all time... I have to swap buses (transfer) It takes me 40mins to get to Uni, by car only 10 mins.

    2. If I can afford a motorbike entirely out of my own pocket why the hell am I not allowed I'm almost 18.

    3. My dad used to be addicted to bikes, he worked a a farm and had a 80cc Yamaha and a bigger 400cc? i think. He used to go on dirt bike rides all the time. Mum told Dad, "You used to be obsessed with bikes" but Dad just said some crap like, yeah yeah whatever.

    I need help how do I convice Dad to get a bike
  2. A few things stand out...first, you started working when you were 7???
    Secondly, an Across for $1k is going to be pretty unreliable, the bus would look good pretty quick! I reckon you'll have another $1k in it within months.........
    Keep saving.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. I worked for about a year at a Removalist company earning 10.50 an hour, doing the most boring crap ever though...

    Taking paper out of boxes, putting boxes on pallets, recycling boxes, cleaning the grounds.

    I've got about 2k at the moment, cant find a decent casual job, I havent looked hard enough though :)
  4. Interesting that Mum has commented on Dad's previous obsession with bikes, and yet Dad appears "cool" to your request. Not sure of your relationship with your Dad, but I would suggest you get him aside when he has time and ask him directly as to his opinion. Maybe he is just concerned about your safety. Probably scares him when he remembers how radical he was at 17, and now worries that you might be just like he was at that age :LOL:
    Mum looks like she is on side. Just need to suss out Dad's reasons for being less than enthusiastic. Ask him for his direct view. If you don't ask, you won't get. And if you don't like his reasons, then don't get aggro or frustrated with him. Think about what he has to say and try to put yourself in his shoes and see where he is coming from. If all else fails, get Mum to lobby on your behalf :grin: Mum might know special techniques that would not occur to you :LOL: :LOL:
    Good luck Matt. Let us know how you get on. :)
  5. Good luck convincing the folks mate. But I suggest you hold onto your 2k for now.

    2k will get you a "rough" GPX, not factoring in overheads like rego, insurance and transfer fees not to mention gear.

    Theres always work around for kids, just be prepared to do something like nightfill or the good old checkouts! (Do nightfill if you can manage it, good money for easy work to get you by)

  6. An Across for $1000 is probably a wreck!
  7. Yep, get it professionally checked.

    Also, good luck getting your dad to come around. Still working on getting my dad back on a bike :LOL:
  8. Where does the term "probably" fit into the equation? :? 1/3 of the price you'd expect to pay for a shit one = rooted for sure. This may be why your Dad's not keen on the idea. :)
  9. My first thought was how does a 17y.o catch the bus for 10 years to work but then I realised he/she was quoting dad!

    As for any 250cc bike let alone a boat anchor, (oops did I say that out loud) an across for $1k would be something to turn & run not walk away from!

    Keep catching the bus while you save for good gear, a good bike & your testing fee's then you'll really understand why we all enjoy riding! & there will more than enough peeps in here who will be happy to ride with you! People are less inclined to ride with someone who's bike breaks down every trip!

    As for your Dad talk to him, ask him his reasons, show him that you respect his opinions but also ask that he respects yours. Suggest to him that perhaps you can both find some middle ground and if all else fails suck up to him BIG time! lol!
  10. Seems like you got your folks practically won over which is good news.

    I to had to catch public transport to and from work and it just got annoying esp when i had large gaps at work where i could go home if i had a bike but couldnt with public transport cause it would take to long.

    As others here have said. Save up mate, get something a little better. It is your first bike and you want a bit of a shit kicker but not something thats gonna brake down all the time.

    Plus there is gear and ya, the over heads so even though your heaps keen, save up a bit more.

    Anyway, good luck with it all!
  11. dude, you may want to look at a half decent posite bike for the little money you got.
  12. Tell your Dad he can ride it as well, to recapture his youth.....

    After a few months of that, he will either purchase a Harley or a Mazda MX5.

    Also, have you factored all the other costs into the equation? Rego/Insurance/equipment?

    $1000 for an Across sounds like a deathtrap.

    And, 40 minutes for PT and 10 minutes by car is NOTHING. Man up soldier.
  13. If he doesn't have his license, make him get it with you.
  14. Tell him to give me 1500 for my GS500 instead.....
  15. Thanks for all the helpful comments. I got some time alone with him and showed him a few bikes I found on the net. One in particular:


    I think I will get it eventually, dad seemed to like it, he commented that it looks in good condition. I think dad just doesnt want me to get a bike because he remembers being a nutter on his. Thats what mum told me, I do remember him doing wheelies and stuff, I watched (from a distance) and he would show off. I think mum and dad are worried about my safety thats all. I don't think they were impressed with my failure of the P's exam for car. I did 68 in a 60 zone which is a critical drving error (fail).

    I didnt mean to do it, it was a 70 zone for 200m then a 60 zone due to roadworks, i didnt notice.

    I just think they need bit more time to think about. Mum is helping me convince dad well. She keeps nagging him about how he used to ride motorbikes all the time :LOL:
  16. Im same boat as you mate, don't think I'll ever get through to him.
  17. All the best with it all matey, & if/when you get the go-ahead from mum
    n dad, push ya luck by asking them to chip in 50% of purchase price. wink3.

    Lastly lose the idea of buying a $1k. In the long run you'll be better off going
    without for awhile & saving a coupla grand at least.

    Once you been here a lil longer & get into some of the old threads, you'll see
    many here who have bought POS's for next to nothing & then come on here
    asking for help for all the probs they bought themselves.
  18. take ur time mate. i was looknig at gettting my bike Ls when i was almost 18, only got em last thursday n im 19 n half now :p look up on everything, all the gear u will need, dont forget about winter too. insurance will vary alot, depending what bike you buy. ORC etc, all that. i was really keen first up, wantedto borrow $5k off family, figured that would be plenty for everything, after figuring out i dont wanna be screwing the wheels back on every 100kms, im looking at fairly decent nick/newish bikes. budget requirements are sitting about $8.5k atm, at least :shock: n yeah, i work 20 hours a week @ coles, and blow a fair bit of that on my mountainbike, pc, booze, potato cakes, etc :LOL: f*ck it, get a loan and pat it off in a few years, no rush. just take ur time n have a look at everything.

    oh n with the parental issue... my mum was paranoid about me getting it, but after continually mentioning it all the time, she's calmed down a bit, theyre not that much of a death trap as long as your not a d!ckhead. mum even got her Ls the same time as me :cool: :LOL: :LOL: