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Converting from fairings to naked

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by takagawa, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. Ok, let's try this again :p

    I'm thinking about removing the side fairings off my ZZR250. I'm not sure on what to do about relocating the front indicators. Has anyone done this or something similar before?

    Also if anyone knows if there's something I could do about the front fairing. It doesn't look 'right' when you take the side fairings off with the front fairing still there. It's not too unsightly, but if there's a way around it, that'd be good to know.

  2. if your gunna do that, you'd be best off going the whole hack. remove ALL the farings and buy a headlight mount kit ($40-70) and a new headlight ($100-$$$$$$). it'll be easy as pie to mount the indicators once you've done that too. they're anywhere from $30-$80 for a set depending on how good you want them to look. have a look at www.austreetfighter.com.au and do some googling till you find what you want. streetfighterizing rocks :D
  3. MMMMmmmmm... Had a look at that streetfighter site, some very tasty bits in there :)
  4. tell me about it.... the thundercat would be mighty sweet if i had a bit of extra cashish to blow there :D
  5. Why do you want to remove them ? Are they broken or something ?, Fairings are there to give protection to the motor /frame in the event of an off and to add to aerodynamics of the cycle.... Are you heading for a street ftr zzr or just wanna save the fairings?go to the wreckers and buy a smashed set if you plan on dropping it.
  6. Why didn't you just buy a naked bike???
  7. no the aint, how the hell can 2mm plastic hope to save 3.5mm alloy/steel

    which doesnt kick in till around 140-160kmh, so they are pretty pointless as an aerodynamic aid realy
  8. Not that I care cause I ride a naked bike, but while the fairings do noting if you rear end a truck, they do protect the rider from the elements. At 100km on a clear day, riding a naked bike is great. Add the effect of a 30km head wind or some rain and the difference becomes clear.

    The areodynamic assistance is achieved by reducing wind resistance. Thus, ground speed is not a realistic way to determine the end result. Even a moderate wind can little bloke like me on naked bikes hanging on for dear life while the fully faied bikes give a comfortable ride.

    Naked bikes still look better though, so I guess it all works out in the end.
  9. I have a mate with a ZZR250 who is currently fighter-ising it as we speak. After removing the side fairings your left with a rather sharp edge on the front headlight fairing... of which we've cut off and smoothed round to give it a softer edge on it. Keep those pieces you cut off (and keep them in one piece) as if you ever want to de-fighterise it you can always fibreglass them back together.

    The other option is to get something like the 'Dash Universal Sports Headlight Fairing' from www.austreetfighter.com.au.
    For $130 its probably the best looking street legal headlight assemble on the market. Whilst the other ones do look damn fine; if it comes time for a RWC your gonna have to put all the stock bits back on to get it through.
  10. no you dont, as long as all the bits you put on are compliant and in good working order they will give you a road worthy, there is no law that says an origionally faired bike has to retain the fairings to pass RWC.
  11. sluglie methinks u read koma's post wrong, i think he means that the other headlight assemblies are not legal.
  12. you are right.

    sorry there KOMA, must read posts more carefully.
  13. Yeah, now that i read my own post through again it is a lil confusing.
    As has been gathered, i was implying that the bits on the bike must be legal in order to get pass a RWC.

    I've looked at those dirtbike style headlamp assemblys in the past as i really like the look of them, but their not ADR approved. Not entirely sure why, as there are other brands that are of a similar style selling for ~$320-400 mark that are ADR approved... or maybe i just answered my own question and its just a matter of cost of testing to get it approved.

    Saw a fantastic streetfightered 2004 R1 the other day, retaining the stock rear, some hawt blue braided lines, and a matching blue dirtbike style twin halogen headlight assembly. Whilst some people prefer the look of a clean R1; that thing made me weak at the knees. :wink:
  14. And it's a PITA for the thread - makes the whole thread do the scroll left-right thing :p
  15. hey so it does... i didnt notice... i hate it when people do that :oops: :LOL:
  16. No its not :p
  17. that's an odd thing to say - when I hide behind the screen I get significantly better acceleration (and significantly better braking when I dont)... not to mention I'd freeze to death in winter on a naked bike!
  18. girly :LOL: :wink:

    so you really notice a difference at lower speeds do you? i mean i can see there would be a big difference at high speed but i definately never noticed a difference below 100. tho the winter factor is very valid, its MUCH more comfy riding a bike with faring in winter. i'd say the same thing about riding a naked one in summer tho, windflow rocks 8)