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Converting foreign motorbike license --> Vic license

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by termis, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. So, anyone have experience doing this?

    It doesn't say anything one way or another regarding specifically regarding motorbike license here (unlike say, the heavy vehicle license which they say you still need to take the test). Without any wording on motorbike licenses, I'd assume it transfers over okay, but I wanted to hear about what experiences people have had.

    I ask because I've had different experiences with different countries, and it's always better to be informed about these things before going in. In Canada, the local official initially said that only car licenses transfer over, until I had to show them their own documents from their website that motorbike licenses indeed do transfer. In Japan, I had to take & pass the license test for the big-bike class license, as without that test, it'd only transfer over to mid-class license (400cc & below).
  2. Can you ride/drive legally in Australia with a foreign license? I know you can drive in the USA with an Aussie license.

    If so, I would not rush into getting your license transfered. With a foreighn license I guess you still pay the fines but do not accumulate points?
  3. i had this same doubt, and spent some 45mins talking to vicroads about it.
    They said, as long as you are in Victoria on a temporary visa, you can use your international license to ride here, if, your license is in English and is valid.
    For a license which is not in English, you have to get an english translation from your license issuing authority.

    All the restrictions applied on your license, applies in here too. So if your license prevents you from riding over, for example 500cc vehicles, the same rule applies here too. If your license has no restrictions applied, no restrictions in riding are put on you either in here.

    You have to convert to a Vic license as soon as you take on any sort of permanent visa. To convert, if you are on a full international license, you need to sit for your learners test, and on the very next day you can sit for your full license test. You donot need to wait for the 2years P license class.

    Hope that helps.
  4. Bullsh!t. Take 100 points of proof to a VicRoads office. They punch a hole in your old license and take a new snap of ya mug and you walk out with a pretty new Vic license. Been there, done that!

    EDIT: I'm going back 10 years :oops:
  5. My ex-wife is from the US. When we married she moved here with her full US license and had to do the whole license transfer deal. She had to apply for her learners, although was not expected to display "L" plates whilst on it. She then had to sit a normal driving test and was granted a full unrestricted license. Not a big deal as such but a pain in the butt.

    Given the way she drove however, she certainly needed to practice and be tested :LOL:
  6. A friend of mine has just done this (well, 6 months ago). He had to get a letter from the Indian consulate saying he'd had a bike license for n years and was allowed to ride whatever bike he chose (which in India was only a scooter). He had to do 3 months on his Ls (and sit the L test) then after he passed the second test he was able to ride his Triumph Tiger 1050...

    Not sure if the L plate stuff was a requirement but that's how he did it and he's overseas for 6 weeks so I can't ask...
  7. same two years ago. after all it's not about the money is it?
  8. It depends on where your license is from and no doubt the regulations change from time to time. My ex-wife had to do the tests and this was over 10+ years ago. New Zealanders are treated as though they have an interstate license and can do a straight transfer. Some countries need to sit tests. Some now appear to be exempt from tests. As per the info here.

    Motorcycle licenses are treated the same as car licenses as I recollect.
  9. When I came here, 12yrs ago from the UK, I had to sit my car AND bike test. Passed (obviously) and I didn't have any restrictions applied.

    I am sure the rules have changed recently to make it easier for residents from some countries to do exactly what you did. However, at the time when I did it, Vicroads were pretty confused as to what the answer was.
  10. Vicroads? Confused? Not knowing the answer? Can it be true? Say it isnt so.
  11. Yeah someone I know that moved here from the UK went through exactly the same process. When they questioned the part about having to pay for a learner licence, then pay for a licence (which I think they could go for straight after getting the learner permit), the Vicroads person actually apologised and admitted that it was pretty much a revenue raising exercise.
    I'm sure that particular public servant has probably since been sent away to a camp somewhere for "re-education" ;) :LOL:.
  12. Yeah, I can drive on my foreign license. I don't know how demerit points work in this case, though. I may get away with not accumulating points, but I'm thinking I might suffer in paying higher insurance premiums in the mean time (I'm gonna have to double check that as well).

    But either way, when my permanent residency comes through, I'll have to convert this over.

    Anyway, so my license(s) is/are from one of those countries that are exempt from license tests. And with that, I'm gathering so far that it can be one of the two cases:

    1) Foreign license -> Learners -> Full license
    2) Foreign license -> Full license

    I have a feeling it might be a matter of talking to the "right" person in skipping the L permit, especially after reading:
    And why am I not surprised at the above comment? :? This thing with licensing agency's workers not knowing their own system is a world-wide phenomena -- comments like that is exactly why I'm asking this BEFORE I go in...
  13. Vicroads

    My experience a few months ago with a UK License.

    Whilst on a temporary visa continue to use your UK license. Fully legal for all categories listed on it - eg car & bike.

    Once you get your permanent residency you get 3 months get a Vic license. Allow about half an hour for the process + whatever the cue is - fill in the form hand over your UK license which get voided (hole punched) & the fee. One ugly mug shot later you get your new Vic license with the same entitlements - (just make sure you highlight the motorcycle part in case they miss it!)

    Added bonus the 4 points I'd clocked up from speeding fines whilst on my UK license where not transfered - so a nice new clean Vic license was in my pocket!

    Good luck
  14. depends on where your licence was issued, car n bike will convert straight over IF from US Japan n EU countries, ie ones that have a decent drive/ride test,and no possibility of "buying a licence" my wife could have brought a Philippine car licence for 10000 Peso AUD$250, only have to convert if permanent resident
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