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Converting AVI format to DVD

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Azz, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. Got some Heroes episodes but they're in AVI format and can't play in DVD player... need to convert to DVD format, anyone know of any free software that is reliable to use??

    I did a google search on AVI to DVD and tons came up, but never having used any of that software I wasn't sure what is reliable...

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!

  2. I use a program called VSO convert x to dvd. It isn't free but I am sure you can find a 'crack' for it somewhere....

    It allows me to burn 4 episodes to one disc without any loss of quality and I can use this image as my background of the main menu (which is the list of episodes and titles).

  3. Better watch it on your computer...
    But if you insist, you have a DVD burner on your pc, you must have a DVD burning program like NERO or what ever came with the computer.. Use that one to ENCODE the avi video to dvd (mpeg2).
    Expect 2-4 hours of work.
    Some DVD players do play some AVI. Burn the video on a normal cd and put it in..
    Again, better just watch it on your PC..
  4. What OS do you use?

    I ask, as Vista (and I think XP) have Movie Maker which offers a DVD formatting option.
  5. You can always get a dvd player that plays divx movies which in your case will work a treat
    Or a look on ebay will reveal divx players that work with a hard drive and plug straight into your tv
    awesome stuff i have all of season 3 of lost and season 1 of heroes
    as well as countless movies.
    Well worth the money.
  6. orrr you can use vso convert x to dvd Kamikaze_Kawasaki said, which wont cost you anything/much depending on how moral you are
  7. Except 4 hr decoding/encoding time for each dvd.
    Time is money.
    What I suggested is convenience.
    Since when did this thread become a debate about morality? :roll:
  8. DVDSanta - the best there is in my books.
  9. there's one out there called avi2dvd, i know, cryptic isnt it?
  10. I have considered buying a divx capable dvd player but then I wouldn't be able to share the shows with my friends and work colleagues.

    It takes about 2-3 hours to convert 4 episodes to a single dvd-r, I set the conversation up before I go to bed and it has a "shutdown when complete" option. Hardly a waste of my valuable time when I am sleeping anyway.
  11. +1

    PS. Beware of shows from "usa". The are encoded to avi with 30fps or 24.9.
    for more than 30min, the sound is out of sync.
    If you have the option, make chapters, or smaller vob files, or use another dvd maker..
    This web site is your friend:
  12. winavi is easy to use.

    Also easy to get a crack for it.
  13. I am new to this too. I got a program called intervideo launcher which allows you to create a DVD from an AVI file. It takes a while to convert though.
  14. I am sure that XP Movie Maker 2 (free with XP) does exactly what was requested. No need to download software, no licences to buy.
  15. I use WinAvi Aaron,you guys are near me and Carri. PM me and we can hook up and will give you a copy.Did a movie last week,was 630MB in AVI and came out 2.2GB in DVD, worked a treat,piece of puss to use.
  16. Sounds good!!

    Thanks mate, will give you a buzz later today :)
  17. I use "Power Producer," which is bundled with Nero's software for the light stuff. However, on occasion the transcoding works poorly and the sound is removed from video. :roll:

    Adobe Encore is fairly good for the authoring, but unforgiving if you don't have the video in the correct size.

    Has anyone had experience with Adobe Encore 2 with this area?