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Converting a trackie back to a road bike

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Justin Stacks, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Found a '04 GSXR600 track bike at a really good price. It can be registered as it was not a write off. Less than 18K on the odo.

    I am looking for a bike that will be used for the track, but would like to ride it on the road as well, so this seems to be a good option since it already has heaps of upgrades for the track (race tech suspension, exhaust system, race compound pads, etc., etc.)

    So besides adding back the mirrors, headlight/taillight and indicators, what else needs to be done and how much do you think it would cost all in to get it rego'd and back on the road the road?

    Does it make sense to turn a trackie back to roadbike, since it would most likely be more expensive to purchase a road bike and add all the features this trackie already has?

    Unfortunately, a dedicated trackie is not an option.
  2. Seems ok to me. Those parts shouldn't cost that much from a wreckers. How many of the 18k mileage has been track mileage ? That would be my concern
  3. It's not as simple as it sounds. If the suspension has been done property it'll be valved and sprung for slicks (if its the bike I'm thinking of) and for 25mm of sag etc. if you just bolt some road tyres on it'll be aweful.

    If it really has race compound pads they are also not suitable for road. The old operating temp issue isn't so relevant these days but the initial bite is way too much for aggressive mountain riding.

    What a lot of guys in the states do is keep the race glass and fit a dodgy looking custom headlight (enduro style) so they can ride it in race glass on the road. You could get mirrors with integrated indicators that you can bolt on and off and attach a brake light to a fender eliminator (like how the 07 cbr600rr is standard).

    It would be barely be legal and you'd still need to work out a compromise with your suspension. You can buy "track day" pads that are suitable for street and track.
  4. Following on from the issues Udlose mentioned above, (btw I have no experience with track bikes) I guess you could convert it to a complete roadie and use it for the occasional trackday. I'm guessing that's the intention that you have.

    A bike that you can take to the odd track session and not cry when it cheats on you with the asphalt and gravel.

    Trouble will be the $$ to get the suspension etc back to road - out of my depth there.

    On the rego side, chance are its rego has been cancelled in which case:


    Don't think the paper works side will cost that much.

    You can get after market road fairings for ~$300
  5. Unless you can track down a set of OEM fairings cheap it'd be more trouble than its worth. After market fairings look ok, but fit is a PITA, and they tend to crack around mount points and stress areas after a few months. OEM Parts can come up real cheap on ebay or FX if you're patient. If however, you want to get it on road quickly, a second hand set from a wreckers could be $1k. Also need lights, indicators, another set of tyres, roadworthy check, rego. You could easily be 2 grand over your cheap purchase price to get it on road.
  6. Guys - Thanks for the responses! Definitely not as easy as I thought.

    I'll probably purchase a rego'd bike that I can track once in awhile and once I have a little more coin in my pocket, hopefully eventually purchase a dedicated trackie :)