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Converting a road bike to a dedicated track bike

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Captn Spock, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I am a novice in regards to bike maintenance. This is a serious question and I am genuinely seeking to understand the effort and cost here. Any constructive input is welcome!

    I have been considering converting my only bike to a track bike. The idea is not to enter racing as such ( I'm 26 and too old to start racing now anyway). But more to continue to develop my riding skills in a controlled environment.

    The bike is a stock 2005 Kawasaki ZX6R (636) with 24000 kms on the clock.

    I want to understand, the effort and estimated cost to do the following -

    1. Replacing stock fairings with race fairings.
    2. Aftermarket (possibly Ohlins?) suspension and getting it setup for me.
    3. Get crash knobs installed.

    The above three are the most basic tasks I would have thought I need to do to get it to an exclusive track bike state. Is there anything else that one needs to do or is recommended?

    I am currently trying to get a feeling for how much a trailor and a towbar will cost me.

    I can afford a race ready track bike for that matter and keep my 6 as-is. But the wife will not let me own another road bike. So I am also weighing up the fact that I will have to give up road riding completely if I do this.

    Thanks again.
  2. Lights, remove them, indicators etc. It is a requirement for racing but even for a track only bike it probably makes sense.
  3. Crash knobs are mostly for saving drop damage, at higher speeds they occasionally result in frame damage, so most alot of trackies dont have them at all, just little pucks on wheel axes/swingarm plus case protectors.

    Buying a fully setup trackbike is another option, lets you keep the roady - and they're pretty cheap to buy already setup. I assume you've done trackdays already, if not go do some as the bike is before you worry too much about converting it.
  4. See my blog premodgsxr.blogspot.com and also my thread in the projects section, I'm detailing the process as I go in there..
  5. Note: my post is regarding full conversion to racebike and adherance to GCR's and class rules.. To just go down the track for a ride day, just take ur mirrors and numberplate off and head on down..
  6. Yes, I have done track days.

    Is there a website you recommend where trackbikes are advertised for sale?

    It just occurred to me that I could sell my roadie and buy a track ready bike too!
  7. i would just slap some race fairings on it, some good tyres and go for a track day to see where the suspension is. no point spending money on suspension tuning if you have no proper base line to go from.

    just basically set the sag to somewhere race friendly and go for a blast and keep an eye on how the handling and tyre wear is. take some lap times down also, as what you may feel as fast may actually be slow etc.
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  8. Try a 20mm front and 25mm rear, rider on sag. The 636 is fairly soft @ std.
    Too much rear dampening and they bunny hop like mad under brakes. So I stay @25mm so I don't use all the clicker.
    You will have to drop the triple clamps down the tubes 2mm to get a decent balance. The front hates this and you will need a spare steering damper.
    Their not the sharpest tool in the shed. Fun, stable and a lot of fun. But they do get a bit nervous when asked to do more than they like too.
    I would take everything that was not needed or welded on, off it.
    Oggies are for slow drops at best. And yup wrongly installed it takes less than a high speed off to technically write a bike off with them.
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  9. Question based on the above.

    1. Suggest any good websites/places to buy race fairings?
    2. How much work is it and how easy is it to take out headlights, indicators, existing fairing, fender and to replace it with race fairings? Will I need anything special apart from screw drivers to do this?
  10. 1. raceglass.com.au
    2. pretty easy with regular tools
  11. I'm sure theres a nswrats equivalent for VIC? Sometimes trackies pop up on KSRC too, and of course then theres ebay
  12. i recently converted my 06 zx-6r into a dedicated track bike.

    bought fairings from wet4uracing they fitted great. bit on the price side, but no real complaints. other than that and some decent tyres, the bike doesn't need much. i got the suspension set up for my weight roughly. about it.
    also, i have some oggy knobs on, but shaved down a bit, less chance of them getting caught on anything.... bit of a compromise rather than having none.

    note: how good does a 05/06 zx-6r look without all the rear blinkers/brake lights/rego ect.... so hot.

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  14. I just converted my cbr600 to track day trim. Put some cheap Chinese raceglass on ($500 delivered!).


    Im of the opinion of not running oggys, I had them and removed them.

    Case covers coming soon though!

    That's about all you need to get started. I was decking my pegs so I got some rearsets.