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Convertibars or Helibars, anyone used either?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by zxparker, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. Hey all...

    I have an issue with my wrist and am looking at putting some aftermarket bars on my bike. The two products that I am looking at are either the Helibars or the Convertibars.




    The Helibars are a little more well known, but they dont offer adjustability and if they are not in a comfortable position for me still then its a bit of a waste...

    Convertibars on the other hand are adjustable for height, distance from the rider, and the degree of offset on the actual hand grip... I was wondering if anyone had used the Convertibars at all as this is what I am leaning towards, but I am not really able to find many independant reviews on them.
  2. Hi

    Never heard of the convertabars.

    I used a riser setup simliar to Helibars but designed for the ST1300. www.motorcyclelarry.com

    It lifts the bars up 1 inch and back 2 1/2 inches. It makes it so much more comfortable for me. Easy to fit and I got the option for a power outlet in the riser.

    But there is not variability. One position, hope it works for you.

    By the way, not entirely sure what sort of bike you have so unable to see how relevant my reply is. Not many netriders have the ST1300 so I think it may not help much.

    Ah well!!

  3. I have used Helibars on my RSVRFactory, they were good quality and worked well. I have Genmar risers on my 'Busa they also work ok, can't help u on the convertabars.

    Tex & Bundy